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Why Our Pros Are Experts

Ever wonder how we find our amazing pros and why they are experts? Co-founder, Sean Johnson, sits down to discuss how Approved Home Pros operates. Learn all about our amazing pros and why they come so highly regarded.

Details on ‘Why Our Pros Are Expert’

[Jordan] Approved Home Pros is all about providing you with the expert advice that you need to take the stress out of homeownership but what is it that makes our experts, experts? So today I’m here talking with Sean Johnson, our co-founder. This is so exciting Sean because our network is built on experts but let’s share with everyone what that really means.

[Sean] Well you know we were founded with expertise and on experts because I had an experience where I was taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractor and our first expert Gregg Cantor is the one that helped found the network and really we’ve expanded by him connecting us to other contractors that he knows that have been in the business for a very long time and he trusts their expertise- it’s that perfect snowball effect of the good people in the industry know the other good people in the industry and it just keeps rolling down the hill and that’s how our network has gotten to be the great size that it is now.

[Jordan] Absolutely, and I think people at home can relate to that cuz anybody that’s in a specific type of business you know who the good actors are and the less good actors who cuts corners and who don’t do the same thing in contracting and that’s how we know the reputations and we can do the kind of screening and vetting you can’t do and independently as a as a consumer

[Sean] absolutely and that’s what’s led to our expert approval process

 [Jordan]And let’s just kind of quickly breeze through, what is included in that?

[Sean] So that everyone can  rest easy sure yeah it’s it’s it’s a lot of the research that consumers could do themselves going to the State License Board looking at all those things their insurance kind of reputation or review looking and seeing what kind of reviews are out there but the main part is the vote of the it has to be a unanimous vote of every one of our members to let a new member in that’s what a consumer couldn’t do themselves it’s called a dozens of contractors to get their opinion right you can call for referrals but it’s it’s not the same as the entire brain tank of our network that you have so unanimously

[[Jordan] and of course we offer this service free for homeowners for free for you at home which is why a very common question that we get is Sean how do we make money

[Sean] yeah we do get that question quite often because unlike other services where you either have to give them all your personal information and they sell that personal information which people don’t realize often times or you have to pay a fee to join some kind of a membership club we are completely free because the contractor once they’ve been approved and they’re they passed the screening and vetting process they can buy advertising through us so that’s how we make money is through advertising but you can’t join the network and pay to be in it it’s not a pay-to-play kind of a thing where until you’ve been screened and have to pass the screening process first and then the opportunities become available

[Jordan]so no matter what you need for your home as a consumer approved home pros and our experts are here to help visit Approved Home Pros today