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Why Is A Furnace Inspection So Important?

As the weather continues to cool off in San Diego, you may be tempted to turn on your heater. Have you had your heater inspected recently? Mauzy Heating & Air shares why heater inspections are important for your safety.

Details On “Why Is A Furnace Inspection So Important?”

Sean: As the weather continues to cool off in San Diego you might be tempted to turn on your heater. Have you had your heater inspected recently? Junior from Mauzy Heating and Solar is here with more about heating and inspection. Great to have you on the show.

Junior: Thank you for having us.

Sean: Now heaters are wonderful things, but they can be dangerous. Talk a little bit about the danger of heaters if it’s not maintained.

Junior: Well if you heater is not maintained, you have the potential risk of carbon monoxide entering your home which is one of those, you know-

Sean: It’s terrible.

Junior: Yes, it’s a terrible thing. It’s the last thing we want to enter our home, so, I mean with that, also it’s a controlled fire in your home, and most of the time it’s in a place that’s set aside, out of mind.

Sean: So it’s very important that you have it maintained and looked at, I think, every year you recommend having most inspection.

Junior: Definitely every year.

Sean: What happens during the inspection? When you come out and take a look at it, what do you guys do?

Junior: Well during the inspection above all first and foremost, we check your filters. The most important thing is air flow. Okay, on top of checking the filter to make sure that everything is nice and clean, we also check key components to ensure optimal performance during the season that you need your system.

Sean: I know there’s little things that, just sensors, the minor little things can be cleaned off that would, you know, head off the problem in a service call.

Junior: 80% of our calls are due to a simple sensor being dirty.

Sean: Let me ask one quick thing is that every time I turn on my heater there’s a smell, or before you guys at Mauzy come out, there’s a smell that people get, you guys take care of that during the process, which is I think something that’s really, really important that you deal with that at the time. Talk about that, what do you?

Junior: So when we arrive for a tune up, on top of checking the filter making sure the key components are great, we run your system for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Just kind of burning off that dust and areas that we can’t actually access. So 15 to 20 minutes burning it off, next time you decided you use the system with your family, you guys will be comfortable and warm knowing that you don’t have that smell or any alarms.

Sean: So none of that fear that goes along with the smell. Now, right before we got on the air, we called Matt Mauzy, the owner of Mauzy Heating, Air and Solar, and he authorized a very special deal for our audience. What is it?

Junior: We have a BOGO. Purchase an AC tune up and you get your furnace tuned up as well.

Sean: Thank you so much. And thank you to Matt Mauzy for that very special offer. $77 is an incredible price. Get your heater tuned up today. Call Mauzy at 619-320-6080 and you can always find Mauzy at ApprovedHomePros.com