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Why Deck Safety is Important

May is Deck Safety Month and to show the importance of deck safety, Best-Rate Repair & Termite Co. built two decks, one by professionals and one without the necessary building materials. Watch what happens when your deck isn’t done by a professional!

Details on ‘Deck Safety’

[Sean] Sitting outside on your deck is ideal in San Diego. But I recently got to see a deck fail. And that’s why Katie from Best Rate Repair & Termite Service is here with us today to be able to talk about decks. And it’s actually deck safety month.

[Katie] It is! So all of May is deck safety month.

[Sean] And we’re talking a lot about safety today. This is another important safety topic. Now, I recently got to see what happens when a deck fails. We’re going to talk about that a little bit more. But there’s been a lot of stories of people actually losing their lives when a deck collapses. One in Berkeley not long ago.

[Katie] Yeah, and that was actually there were some fatalities in that one as well.

[Sean] Yeah, it’s an important topic. I think people don’t think enough about. Now, what are some of the critical areas in terms of maintenance for a deck?

[Katie] Well, I think I want to point out most, first is that you should have an inspection performed on your deck every year. We’re getting out of winter, we haven’t really been on our decks. And we’re about to go into summer and have parties and friends over and before you do that, it’s really important to make sure your deck is safe. So you’re going to want to look for some signs of damage, make sure you have proper bracket, that things aren’t missing. Get that expert out there and have that inspection done at least once a year.

[Sean] I think that’s the key is having the expert do it. And you actually have a deck maintenance checklist that is available in our show extras section. But when I went to the deck collapse, it was amazing to see, you built two decks side by side, and one was built properly and the other one was not so much.

[Katie] Correct. So you’ll notice the one on the right is built properly with all the proper bracings, brackets, screws everything. And then the one on the left, that is the one we actually collapsed. And that’s a demonstration of a ledger board failure, which is very common in deck collapses.

[Sean] And the one on the left is what I think you get with Chuck in the Truck or somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing builds a deck, which is unfortunately all too common.

[Katie] Unfortunately, yes.

[Sean] And at Best Rate, you did it the right way with the right kind of strapping and the right kind of hardware. Those are the critical elements.

[Katie] Yes, one thing that is very important at Best Rate is we paint all wood prior to reinstalling and that’s going to be on all six sides of the wood. And that’s going to help preserve that wood to make your deck lasts longer.

[Sean] And that’s one step that’s super important. Minor detail, but it’s missed often.

[Katie] And the other thing is we use strong tie brackets to help ensure everything is done properly, and like I said earlier, all the way down to the types of screws we use.

[Sean] Thank you Katie. You guys do it right and one of the other things is you also do is provide those deck inspections at no cost. Great thing to get. You need one. Call them today. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros/BestRate