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Why a Local Security Company is the Better Choice

How well does a big name, national security company really know your city? As a local company, Knight Security makes home security easy and ensures you can trust them.

Details on ‘Why a Local Security Company is the Better Choice’

[Sean] I’m here at the Knight Security offices with my good friend Richard Mates. And we’re talking all things security. Especially, local companies versus national companies. Is there a benefit to doing business with a local security company?

[Richard] There really is. You’re not forced into any kind of a program. It can absolutely be customized to you and your family. That’s the big thing. You sit down with the wife, and the husband and the kids. And the dogs and the in-laws, and we build a system to make it work. We don’t force them into A program that just is uncomfortable.

[Sean] My experience, because I got kind of tricked into something with a national company. That was kind of a bait and switch in my opinion. Is that an experience you think people will end up having?

[Richard] It can happen. They’re not told all of the facts. They have to sign long term contracts that they’re not ready for. And they really don’t know what they’re getting involved in.

[Sean] Yeah, absolutely. That was my experience. Let’s talk about the benefits of local beyond what we were talking about. The local central station. Is that an important aspect of the local business?

[Richard] It really is. As you know we’re standing here in the Knight Security central station. And if you have a question on your alarm or you need to modify something on a moments notice, you can reach an operator, who can change an arming number, take vacation information immediately.

[Sean] How about picking a company? How do you know you’re doing business with a local company vs. a national company?

[Richard] Well, like any home improvement project, go to the professionals at Approved Home Pros. They’ve already done the work for you. But otherwise, check with your friends that have had a good success with an alarm company. And then when you actually call a representative have your questions ready and ask a very important one. Who owns the central station? Because that’ll guide you to San Diego’s best alarm company.

[Sean] Yeah, and that way you’re going to avoid them selling the contract and doing other things along those lines. Richard, when someone does find what they believe is the right company, what’s the longest contract term they should sign?

[Richard] I never recommend over a year at the absolute limited. A one year, no longer than that. So you have some options and flexibility. Here at Knight Security, we ask people to have a 30 day contract. You’re with us because you want to be and that’s the way life should be.

[Sean] It is, and that’s one of the reasons we recommend Knight Security. You can find them, like all the other top pros on ApprovedHomePros.com. They come highly recommended by everyone on our team.