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Who’s At Risk for a Burglary?

Did you know there’s a spike in burglaries during the summer? Richard Mates from Knight Security discusses the risk for a burglary for your home and how to stay safe.

Details on ‘Who’s at Risk for a Burglary’

[Richard Mates] Hi this is Richard Mates from Knight Security and this is safe at home some insights into home security and one issue that is important for us all to realize is who’s really at risk and frankly it’s any homeowner in San Diego your neighborhood doesn’t matter if you don’t have security your home your home is susceptible to a break-in and the last thing you want or I want is your wife to walk in with the groceries in the middle of the afternoon and somebody be standing in their living room or the kids get home from school your home is your castle and protect it it’s an investment that you will treasure for years and i really suggest you look into basic home security and it’ll give you a peace of mind that you’re not used to right now we’re in the time of year when burglary rates go up 30 percent during the summer months so give me a call if you have any questions at six one nine seven nine seven six six zero three and I’d be happy simply to answer your questions and hopefully be of help to you be safe at home thank you