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Which Water Heater Fits Your Needs?

Have you noticed that you’ve run out of hot water quickly? We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air explains how tankless water heaters may be the best solution for you.

Details On “Which Water Heater Fits Your Needs?”

Sean: Did you run out of hot water this holiday season with all of your holiday guests? Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to explain how to solve this problem. Welcome Bob.

Bob: Thank you.

Sean: It’s a problem I had.

Bob: Yeah, it’s a problem I had. I mean, I had a 40 gallon tank and I had people come over, and I actually ran out of hot water.

Sean: Yeah, as did we. We had people in and out all holiday season, and my dad was in town, he’s an early riser, and they took their showers early, I was the last one, and I was freezing by the time I could take my shower.

Bob: Isn’t that like the worst feeling? Like you think, “What, you know, I’m paying the bills, “and I have no hot water”. No I’m just kidding.

Sean: There is a solution to this. What’s the solution?

Bob: Tank-less water heater. I mean tank-less water heater, you have constant hot water. The demand will never go away from it.

Sean: So tell me what the difference is between that and a traditional water heater, because a traditional water heater has a tank and it’s just filling or heating it all the time.

Bob: Yes, a tank is basically the water’s sitting in it and it heats up, and then when the water starts getting used, cold water is actually dumping into the tank. So what happens is now that hot water that’s been sitting in your tank is actually getting cooled by the refilled cold water, and then eventually you’re going to be having no hot water versus a tank-less, the water is going through basically like a miniature heater and it’s going through all the heating cells of it–

Sean: Coils, right?

Bob: Yeah exactly, and it’s heating the water up instantly and it’s coming out to you always hot. It will never go away. As long as that units working, you’re going to be getting hot water.

Sean: So theoretically you could turn your hot water on, and if nothing broke, for eternity, hot water would just come out of that.

Bob: Non-stop. I mean, you’re going to be paying your gas bill and everything else, but yeah you’re going to have non-stop hot water.

Sean: But this is different, and some people confuse it with instant hot water. Those are different things.

Bob: Instant hot is really different. Instant hot is when you turn the water on hot water comes out versus a tank-less, when your system’s not being used the water in your pipes are naturally cooling down. So when you turn your water on, that water’s got to leave out, and that’s where the colder water comes in, but then next thing you know, the hot water’s flowing.

Sean: And you guys can guide people through which, if they want both of those systems. Quickly, we only have a couple of minutes, a little bit of time left, but is tank-less always the right choice?

Bob: Not always. I mean there’s some situations and applications where tank-less cannot work. Some mobile homes, some condominiums, apartments, I mean they can’t work. Somewhere out in the boonies or whatever, they don’t have natural gas or you know, they’re on propane or all electric, then you have to really evaluate the situation of that.

Sean: But you’ll guide people to the right choice for them as you always do.

Bob: Most definitely.

Sean: So let We Care help you find which water heater fits your needs today. Call 619-333-8646 for your free consultation.