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Where Contractors Cut Corners

A good contractor would never cut corners, but how do you know you have a good contractor? Our experts sit down to discuss where contractors cut corners in projects. Learn what to look for in a good contractor so you can get the best quality.

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[Sean] It’s time to ask an expert where our experts answer everyday questions help you better understand your home and the home improvement industry same with Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert design build remodel and Debbie Carreno from 360 painting glad to have you both on today. We’re talking about an important topic and one that’s all too common which is cutting corners in the trades and people suffering from that because it’s a problem Gregg is it a problem you see across the board or some trades

[Gregg] more likely than others it’s across the board but I would say especially in painting as you know and general remodeling where you know the same person does multiple trades so in that particular instance is that where you’re saying somebody might be working beyond their limitations right and I mean there’s companies or single Chuck in the trucks that’ll just do everything from demolition to finish tile work and they do some things okay but they do some things terrible okay

[Sean] got you let’s move over to painting. Debbie is that an area where you see corners cut quite often

[Debbie] absolutely and one of the things about painting because it’s more of a finishing trade you really have to invest upfront in the preparation the prep work but you know people don’t realize it should be up to 30% of the total product project time and so there’s a lot of things that you need to do to get it done

[Sean] right Gregg is that something that you see often when you look at painting jobs

[Gregg] there’s areas I’ve worked with a lot of painters so I know Debbie what how important the prep is not only of the wood work and things but also masking and protecting because a lot of damage could happen

[Sean] absolute very quickly so I gonna ask what are the what are the things that a consumers going to notice when the corners have been cut how are they going to see in the end product

[Debbie] one of the things you have to make sure the surface is adequately prepped so if the paint’s not adhering obviously that’s the first thing you’re going to notice it’s gonna peel off the other thing that a lot of painters don’t realize or consumers don’t realize is although sometimes one coat of paint is adequate you really the industry standard is two coats and that’s what’s going to give you that nice clean finish

[Gregg] yeah and for me as a remodeler that’s always looking for quality what I look for is the lines where paints come together or where ceilings come to walls

[Sean] bad paint jobs show right there all the time when it quickly one of the things I see with cutting corners is oftentimes the they’ll do just enough so it looks fine until they’re gotten the payment. Is that is that the case?

[Debbie] Yes and again that goes back to the prep work because if you don’t do the prep work it’s not gonna have any kind of long-term results so they’re just trying to get in and get out quickly

[Sean] and that’s one of the reasons why you need to go with a reputable company a company that we recommend that’s not going to cut corners if you have questions or want to see more information from previous questions visit Approved Home Pros.com