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When To Use Flex Seal

Flex Seal is known for stopping various forms of leaks. Ace Hardware’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini shares what homeowners need to know about using Flex Seal. He explains when you should consider using Flex Seal and when it’s best to call a professional. 

Details On “When To Use Flex Seal”

Jordan: Welcome to the Ace Hardware Project of the week brought to you by Meanley and Sons Hardware. I’m here with Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert. And today it’s all about Flex Seal. Now, I think we’ve all seen the infomercial where the guy builds a boat out of this stuff. 

Lou: Right and you and I were looking at the video before we started. It’s an amazing product. I mean they have a whole line of products that are under this sort of Flex Seal name. They’ve got sprays, they’ve got tapes, they’ve a whole big grouping of it. Essentially what this is, the spray, it’s liquid rubber. 

Jordan: Okay.

Lou: And, so, if you can imagine, like your rubber boots you would wear in the mud or in the water. It’s the same type of thing. When you look at some of these videos that they show, that they’ve created this product I’ve used the product. I’ve seen it work. You can spray it on areas and if it was on a Teflon pan or something, you could pull it up and you’d have a solid piece of rubber. In one of their videos they show a boat, I think, that they built out of screening. 

Jordan: Yes. 

Lou: And then they coat it with this Flex Seal, then he goes out and has a good old time in the Everglades of Florida somewhere. I don’t know that I’d get on that boat, but, it certainly seems to work.

Jordan: So, that’s why I want to trust your expertise. What is it that we really need to know about how the Flex Seal works. What kind of damage can it repair, how long? 

Lou: So, leaky gutters, a roof leak that you need to fix right now. Also in that tape that I told you about, they have a tape that works under water. So, let’s say you’ve got an above ground pool. You’re having a party this weekend and all of a sudden you realize there’s a leak in the liner. 

Jordan: Oh no. 

Lou: You literally can take that tape and pop it over that crack that you find and it will seal out the water. In my opinion, this is, it’s a tool you need to have in your arsenal. It’s a tool that you can have to fix things right away, but it’s not a replacement for a professional roofer if you’re having roofing problems. 

Jordan: Temporary things.

Lou: Correct. If it was a flashing issue or issues with your shingles, I don’t want people to think, oh, I’ve got a roof that’s 10 years old, I’ll just spray it with Flex Seal and then I’ll have a brand new roof. That’s not what it is. But if you need to fix something in your home right away, and make sure that it doesn’t leak, then this product, Flex Seal, might be it. And if you talk to the people at the stores, and tell them exactly what’s going on, they can make sure that they’re recommending and giving you the right product to get the right thing fixed.

Jordan: Thanks so much, Lou. Find Flex Seal at your local Ace Hardware. You can find the location nearest you at AceHardware.com.