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When To Use A Handyman

We all need a little help around the house sometimes, but it can be hard to find a good handyman and to know what jobs to trust them with. Mr. Handyman shares the range of projects that they can help you with.

Details About “When To Use A Handyman”

Jordan: We all need a little help around the house sometimes but it can be hard to find a good handyman and to know what jobs to trust them with, so I’m here with Bill Cone from Mr. Handyman, the only handyman with the Approved Home Pros seal of approval. Thanks so much for for coming in today. 

Bill: Thank you for having me. 

Jordan: And what is the great range of projects that a handyman should tackle?

Bill: So, at Mr. Handyman we’ll handle most things around the home. We do a lot of drywall work. We do light electrical and light plumbing. By light plumbing I mean replacing plumbing fixtures, sinks, faucets. If a toilet’s running we can fix that. On the electrical side we replace light fixtures. Fluorescent lights that are flickering, we can fix those. 

Jordan: So really all of those projects that I look around my house and say I just don’t know what to do with that. 

Bill: That’s exactly where we come in, yes. 

Jordan: And what about on the small end? Is there any job that is too small for Mr. Handyman?

Bill: There’s nothing that’s too small for us. We’ll do things as simple as hanging curtains, hanging pictures. In fact, a couple of Christmases ago we had a grandmother call us and wanted us to assemble a dollhouse that she had bought for her granddaughter. 

Jordan: So every day at Mr. Handyman is just a little bit different. 

Bill: It is. It is. And that’s what makes it fun for our technicians. 

Jordan: The main thing that sets Mr. Handyman apart from some of the other Chuck and a Truck handymen out there is that you’re fully licensed. 

Bill: We are, we work under a California Class B general contractor’s license. All of our technicians have a minimum of 10 years of experience. They’ve all been background checked. They arrive at your home in uniform in a company van so you can feel safe having them in your home. 

Jordan: That really adds a level of confidence. 

Bill: It really does I think, and in fact that’s what you know, as a consumer, as a person who would use our service, that’s what I look for, is making sure our customers feel safe, and that we do a great job for them. 

Jordan: Which sounds like it ties exactly into the core mission of the background of Mr. Handyman. Tell me about that. 

Bill: It is, and so what we want to be known as is San Diego’s finest handyman service. So we warranty our work. We have an office. We answer all our phone calls, and so we want customers to feel like they can trust us, and we’re going to do our very best job for them. We warranty all of our work. 

Jordan: Thank you so much, Bill. When you call right now, you will get 50 dollars off a four hour service. So take all of the risk out of home repair projects when you use a licensed trusted handyman. You can find Mr. Handyman and anything else you need for your home at ApprovedHomePros.com.