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When To Replace Old Windows

Updating your windows can add tremendous value to your home, but how do you know when it’s time? Window World shares the signs to look for when your windows are in need of an update.

Details On “When To Replace Old Windows”

Sean: Updating your windows can add tremendous value to your home. But how do you know when it’s time to update them? Gene Bryan from Window World is here to help. Now, Gene, what are the signs that it’s time for us to upgrade our windows?

Gene: I tell ya, a lot of times you can go to your mailbox, Sean, and get that energy bill out, get that heating and cooling bill. In summer time, is going to be very high. And in the winter time it’s going to be high as well. That’s going to kind of give you an indication that you’re being very energy efficient in a bad way.

Sean: Energy inefficient.

Gene: Exactly.

Sean: So if your home is hot in the summer and cool in the winter, your windows probably have a lot to do with it.

Gene: Exactly.

Sean: What’s another sign that you might need to upgrade your windows?

Gene: You know it’s funny, you can simply just walk in front of your windows now. Most of us have single pane, aluminum windows. And they are not efficient at all. And you can feel the heat just blasting through there in the summer and you’ll feel cold draft, almost like you have the refrigerator door open, at the window in the winter time.

Sean: So, ideally, what should you feel when you walk past a window?

Gene: Nothing.

Sean: Nothing.

Gene: Nothing. You should have a constant temperature in your house. In front of a window or in front of a wall. Either way.

Sean: That’s great knowledge. What are, I know we have a few more. What are some of the other ways you know your windows are ready to be upgraded?

Gene: Think about how hard it can be to close and open, or open and close, your patio doors, or windows. New windows are going to have stainless steel roller systems. They’re going to move very easy and very simple to open and operate.

Sean: Yeah, one finger you’ll be able to open and close some of the windows in the slightest.

Gene: Exactly.

Sean: And that, again, has a benefit of people using their windows that they may not have used before. Something that in California is important.

Gene: Oh you often find that you’re now, all of a sudden, opening up patio doors and letting that nice breeze come in in the summertime.

Sean: What’s our last major reason?

Gene: You know actually, you really want your house to look nice, as well. Not only from the inside, but also from the outside. When you park in front of the driveway, there’s nothing better than to look at your house and go wow, this thing really changed the look of my house and it looks so nice. Our retrofit windows are going to really dress up the outside from those old aluminum or wood windows that you had before.

Sean: So you know it’s time to upgrade when they’re just not looking right, when they’re looking ugly.

Gene: Yup.

Sean: You have a great offer, share that with us.

Gene: We do, $3819 for five premium windows and a patio door, installed.

Sean: And that it a huge, huge savings.

Gene: Oh yeah, exactly. A lot of times, people are spending $3819 for a door.

Sean: Absolutely. Thanks, Gene. If any of these signs sound like windows in your home, get started with Window World today at 619-797-6988 or use the pro finder service on approvedhomepros.com.