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When to Repair or Reroof

To repair or to reroof, that is the question a lot of homeowner’s find themselves struggling with. Top Line Roofing dives into just how long your roof can last before you need to reroof it and the most common repairs for roofs.

Details on ‘When to Repair or Reroof’

[Jordan] If you’re a homeowner, at some point you will need to repair or replace your roof but how do you know when it’s time for which? Roofing expert Wayne Sorenson from Top Line Roofing is here to help. Thanks for being with me today.

[Wayne] Good to be here.

[Jordan] So let’s dive right in. Repair or replace? What do we need to know?

[Wayne] Well the first off I would say is, number one is if you’re being told you need to replace your roof and it’s only 20 years old because they want to repaper it, I would say don’t do that. And that’s a really common thing people are hearing these days. We hear all the time from clients are calling us and they want to repaper. For one, that bothers me to turn paper because it’s really not paper, it’s actually tile underlayment. And the other thing is that a tile roof is a system- underlayment, flashings, tiles- as a system, it’s a 40 year product.

[Jordan] Forty years?

[Wayne] So to replace the paper twenty years makes no sense whatsoever.

[Jordan] Okay, so it’s often that you should not be replacing there’s a lot more room for repairs that we can tackle along the way while we’re waiting for our 40 year lifespan.

[Wayne] Absolutely. We find all the time. If you’re  under 30 years there’s no reason that you should replace it unless you want to change the color of it. There’s no reason to replace it because you can do maintenance repairs. If you have a leak fix, the leak but get that 40 years there’s no reason that can’t be done.

[Jordan] So if we have repairs it’s all about just getting an inspection and having, you know, quality company like Top Line go up on the roof and examine where the problems are, to determine what repairs need to be made. It’s not just that you need to be reroof.

[Wayne] No, no not necessarily because yeah if you replace the underlayment that’s reroofing the root the house and there’s no reason to do that, I agree but absolutely. Now, the one reason that you’d want to replace the roof is if your roof is over 30 pushing 40 years old you might think about it. Now just we’ve got some pictures but last week I was on a couple roofs where they were told they wanted to lift up and replace the paper, reuse the tiles and if you see these pictures these tiles look terrible and it just makes no sense to reuse those tiles. In that case I would start over on the roof, put a new roof down that you got a beautiful roof they’ll give you another 40 years.

[Jordan] Because, like you said, the tiles are part of the roofing system and together there’s a 40 year lifespan so those tiles do indeed wear out.

[Wayne] Oh absolutely, again these even those pictures they just look terrible. At a certain point there’s no reason to keep using those that you really want to start over on the tiles.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Wayne. Call Top Line for all your roofing needs today at 858-905-5903. You can always find them on ApprovedHomePros.com