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When To Repair Or Replace Wood Damage

How do you know when the wood around your home needs repair or replacement? Best Rate Repair & Termite Company explains the causes of wood damage and the signs to look for to see if your home has wood damage.

Details About “When To Repair Or Replace Wood Damage”

Jordan: How do you know when the wood around your home needs repair or even replacement? Jeff Mudd, the wood repair expert from Best Rate Repair and Termite is here to help today. Jeff, thanks so much for joining me.

Jeff: My pleasure.

Jordan: So what causes wood damage here in San Diego?

Jeff: Extreme weather, so the sun baking out the wood, water intrusion, lack of ceiling boards.

Jordan: And not paying attention to your maintenance a little bit?

Jeff: Maintenance is a big issue. And sometimes construction flaws. No flashing around the decks or the window frames and door frames can cause a lot of water to intrude into the house.

Jordan: So what are some of the signs we’ll see to know that we have some wood damage, that it’s time to bring out Best Rate?

Jeff: So water stains are a really easy sign to look for. If you have a deck with hand railings and you can wiggle the hand railing that might be a sign that something’s a little loose or off there, so we should take a look at that. Soft wood.

Jordan: You’re hanging your Christmas lights, I know it’s a little early, but if you’re hanging your Christmas lights.

Jeff: Christmas lights, and the nail doesn’t want to seem to stick into the board that’s a good sign that something’s wrong.

Jordan: Okay, and so what happens if we ignore it? I know a lot of times homeowners think “out of sight, out of mind”.

Jeff: Well, the bottom line is, if you ignore it too long, it’s going to cost you more to fix it.

Jordan: Okay.

Jeff: But other things can happen also. Water can get into your house, cause the drywall to get moldy. You could have a mold problem inside the wall and not even know about it.

Jordan: And those are some serious issues that you don’t want to let happen in your home.

Jeff: It could, there’s on the exterior house it’s going to cost more and make it harder for the painter to come by and do a good paint job for you.

Jordan: Yeah, so lets talk more about how it’s going to cost you more because prevention is really key here. A small repair job goes a long way.

Jeff: Absolutely. So if you’re dealing with a little bit of dry rot, say on the end of a beam, we can cut off the end of the beam, section it out, do some different things to make that beam be saved. If you let it go too long then you’re looking at a full beam replacement which is obviously a bigger project and a little more money.

Jordan: And of course with 30 years plus experience you guys know the difference between a repair and replacement.

Jeff: Absolutely, we specialize in doing wood damage repairs, that’s what this company’s been built on.

Jordan: Thanks so much Jeff. You can get a free inspection, you should have it annually to protect your home. And don’t wait for wood damage to become a bigger expense. Call Best Rate today at 619-407-9097.