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When to Drain Your Pool

Pool maintenance is an important part of keeping your pool clean and running smoothly. A huge part of that maintenance is draining your pool, but do you when is the right time? Payan Pool Service is here to help! Learn how they manage your pool maintenance today.

Details on ‘When to Drain Your Pool’

[Jordan] hi I’m Jordan Frazier and today we have Javier from Payan Pool Service  to answer the most common question you probably have about your pool which is when is it time to drain it so thanks for being in to answer this for me

[Javier] Thanks Jordan. Yeah that’s actually one of the biggest questions that we get all the time when we take on new service so really the answer is it depends and it depends on a lot of different factors one of them being total dissolved solids the other one being calcium hardness so total dissolved solids or TDS is an accumulation of all the solids that end up in the water and that could be you know from our water supply it can be from Sun Tan Lotion bay the ways all those things and as the total dissolve solids get higher the sanitizers don’t work as well and you can actually do damage to your plaster of those type of things and so you want to keep an eye on it so part of our testing process we test for that so we let our customers know hey your solids are getting above industry standards and it may be time to drain it

[Jordan] this is the test kit we’ve got here and this is all of the tools that you would use to find those totals

[Javier] so a part of our process we test for an array of things more than just the regular stuff the other one is calcium hardness so calcium hardness in San diego used to be known for having really hard water and it’s actually changed now we actually have soft water but over time that calcium does build up and so in in the San Diego county area we have a hard time with hard water around the tile line

[Jordan] yeah those are totally tough to clean and you want to keep your beautiful tile looking beautiful so you have to really just keep an eye on those things

[Javier] so part of our maintenance process is we check those things regularly and then when it’s time to drain the pool we let you know which is so important because water chemistry is a real expertise

[Jordan] which is why we rely on Payan Pool Service for that what happens if you advise a homeowner that their pool probably needs to be drained what are the consequences of not following that advice

[Javier] so ultimately it’s up to the homeowner to take our advice or not to take our advice but today we have a lot of premium interior finishes that really have to the water chemistry really has to be like it within limits and as things get older and things that outer limits you start seeing damage to plaster like scaling of plaster or just fading of pigments that type of stuff and we don’t want to see any damage to that pool

[Jordan] so if you’re advised to drain your pool it might be time so no matter what you have going on with your pool the experts at Payan pool can help you keep it sparkling all year long get started with Payan pool service today at six one nine two zero two 1153 or visit approved home pros com