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When It’s Time To Give Your Pool A Remodel

Show your pool some TLC with a remodel that will not only look great but also benefit your pool long term. Mark Feldstein from Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling explains how just like your home, sometimes your pool needs a little remodeling. Find out when the right time to remodel is, what elements to consider and the lifestyle benefits that you will receive by remodeling!

Details on ‘When It’s Time to Give Your Pool a Remodel’

[Sean] Just like your home sometimes your pool needs a little remodeling but how do you know when it’s time or what needs to be done? Mark from Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling is here to help us. Mark, glad to have you on the on the show this morning.

[Mark] Excited to be here.

[Sean] So how do I know when it’s time that I might need a remodel or refinish on my pool?

[Mark] Well, if your surface is starting to crack or flake off it, might be time for a new plaster.

[Sean] Or how about if I’m just looking at my pool and I’m unhappy with it? It’s just not up to par.

[Mark] Yeah, there’s opportunities now to change the entire look of your backyard, starting with the pool and working your way out.

[Sean] It’s the centerpiece in the showpiece of a lot of homes and just a beautiful element and you can transform those pools into those show places.

[Mark] Absolutely.

[Sean] Now, as as you’re doing these remodels are there any other benefits besides that beauty?

[Mark] Well, if you’re going to incorporate new equipment in your pool remodel, there’s an opportunity to save costs and energy usage on the new pumps that are available.

[Sean] I know there’s a lot of other advantages to the technology that’s out there today savings and ease  of use. I wanted to get into a question that you asked me that was a surprising question of why you asked that question. You asked me what color I would want my water. What does that question mean?

[Mark] Well, a lot of people focus when they’re remodeling the pool on the texture or the color of the finish but really what you’re seeing in the pool mostly is the color of the water. So, you should start with that. What color water do you want to see and then choose your finish from there.

[Sean] What are some of the different ways the finish can affect that  water color so some can make it blue or not?

[Mark] Right, and well a tan kind of finish will create green water but a gray finish will create blue water and you didn’t realize that until you start to see it out there.

[Sean] And that’s a question that most companies I bet don’t even know to ask or to think about asking that your experience gives you that that knowledge to incorporate that into your consultation.

[Mark] That’s true, most companies they’re only focused on the finish itself but we want the client to understand after we leave what’s the color of that they’re looking at every day from the kitchen window.

[Sean] Yeah that’s what makes you guys such the leaders in the industry that experience and going that extra mile not just doing what the consumer says they want but helping them guide them to the right options for them.. Thank you so much. To get more enjoyment out of your pool be it remodeling or any kind of help you need from Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling, call them and you can find their number at ApprovedHomePros.com just use our pro finder service.