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What’s Using Your Energy?

It’s time to take control of your energy usage! With Jamar Power Systems you can do just that by installing the Wiser Energy Device with the Sense App. The two will allow you to track your energy, so you can figure out what’s using your energy.

Details on ‘What’s Using Your Energy’

[Jordan] It’s summertime and some new rate structures have caused a spike in electric bills but have you ever wondered what exactly is causing that spike here with me today is Phil Edwards from Jamar Power Systems  to discuss and find out what is happening in your house that’s using your energy I have a little bit of a leg up because I have this device but thanks for being with me and I’m excited to share it with everyone else today

[Phil] I’m excited to be here

[Jordan] we put it in what two three months ago yes so the device is why is there energy and it comes with a sense app and why don’t you tell everyone what it does

[Phil] well the sense app is basically a device they install on your electrical panel and it keeps track of all your electric usage it starts at first it’s it starts off with some basic information and then starts learning what you have in your house

[Jordan] that is the perfect summary because now that I’ve had it like you said about two to three months I can’t believe how fun it is first of all usually I think of electrical as you know it’s in my walls it’s hidden I don’t really think about it till something is broken but I want to be very conscious of where my energy use is coming from and see if I can change any habits and patterns to not pay as much to the utility company

[Phil] and you said some electrical is fun electrical is fun!

[Jordan] Yes, it is! I think I’m probably a good candidate I’m not quite ready to go solar yet my bills haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready but the households that have maybe three or four hundred dollar utility bills it’s so good to be able to track where they’re using their energy how can this help them be ready to go solar

[Phil] well when you go to install a solar system it’s usually based on your previous usage so if you have a device like this you could put in your panel you could reduce your usage and possibly get away with a smaller solar system

[Jordan] which would save you thousands of dollars it’s also a great device for people who can’t go solar because you still want to be able to take control of your energy use right yes say a single person that goes to work each day and they have this device and they realize that their AC turning on at 11 o’clock and they’re not home and they can adjust their usage and save that power for the future

[Phil] you might not know that your thermostat is either programmed incorrectly or broken and you can take control of those features

[Jordan] I know I’ve used it to switch doing my laundry from the evenings to the morning and I’m finding out that I’m saving money that way so take control of your electricity usage and discover what’s using your energy today with the wiser energy device and the sense app call Jamar  power systems have them come out do a quick installation and you can get the device today at six one nine three three three eight six six two