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What You Will Find At Rockler Woodworking

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware has been a part of San Diego for over 25 years! Have you been in to take a visit yet? If you haven’t, it is definitely worth the trip. Their store has everything you could possibly need to tackle a woodworking project, including helpful staff.

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Jordan: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has been in San Diego for over 25 years. Have you been in to take a visit yet? If you haven’t, its definitely something you should check out if you’re any kind of do-it-yourselfer. Today I’m here with Mike Durlak, the general manager. Just to kind of introduce everyone to what Rockler has to offer for the community, so give me the 30-second overview.

Mike: Well, we’re a family-owned business. The owner started in his garage over 50 years ago. We’re woodworkers, we love woodworking and we love help people get better at woodworking.

Jordan: I can vouch for that, too, because I didn’t know about Rockler until working with approved home pros.

Mike: Right.

Jordan: And you taught me how to turn a pen-

Mike: Sure.

Jordan: And take a block of wood and make it into a pen, which was so exciting.

Mike: Right.

Jordan: I got the bug, so whether you’re experienced, do you have to have experience or can you be like me and kind of just come into Rockler and get started?

Mike: No, pretty much for everybody, we love a new time or people who want to get into woodworking, want to get into a hobby. That’s one of our strengths, because we have everybody here passionate about woodworking, really enjoys it. So we’re really like kind of getting them off on the right step, we can, help them find other resources to get better woodworking in San Diego from pen turning to finding a local shop, plug shop, that they can work at if they don’t have a whole lot of tools on their own.

Jordan: So not only is it a great place to come and buy all the materials that you need, and the tools to get started, or if you’re experienced woodworker, the materials that you’re going to use for your product, but also resources.

Mike: Right

Jordan: And the staff is here to help out, which is really my favorite part.

Mike: Yeah, we really enjoy it, we look at ourselves as a chairs Of Woodworking community here we see people again and again come back and that we get to see the projects, how they’re doing and how they’re progressing It’s really exciting to work with, you know, work with new people.

Jordan: So, let’s take me on a kind of mini-tour around the store and tell me what’s on offer here.

Mike: Well, we have a little bit of everything for a woodworker. Everything from one of our biggest strengths is our finishing section. We can help you if you move into San Diego, if you’re trying to renew furniture and you don’t have all the equipment to build it. We can help you make it kind of look like it used to, when you first got it.

Jordan: Yeah.

Mike: We can help you build new stuff. We have a complete really good variety of things for the woodworker, everything from increasing your dust collecting in your shop to upgrading your tools, to getting new tools, to helping you with plans and new projects a whole wall of wood, back there, to help you with that. A little bit of everything.

Jordan: And of course, all of the advice to go with it so we know exactly what tools we need for our project. So come check out Rockler today. They are located at 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Open seven days a week to help you get started with woodworking or further your woodworking career. You can find more information at ApprovedHomePros.com