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What To Look for When Shopping for a New AC

Shopping for a new AC can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for. Luckily, We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is there to help! Visit their showroom to check out different models to see what fits your needs.

Details on ‘Shopping for a New AC’

[Jordan] As it’s starting to warm up, are you using your air conditioning and noticing that your utility bills are climbing? You have some choices when it comes to HVAC and being comfortable so today I’ve come to We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air with Bob Briley to walk through our different options because it’s about saving money being comfortable and not always hearing the irritating sound of a system

[Bob] it’s also the peace of mind I mean you figure your systems are 10 to 12 years old you want to make sure when you flip that switch on that your air condition is going to come on so you really want to have that peace of mind knowing that your systems gonna be raw rating absolutely because being comfortable you want to be able to rely on it all summer long and throughout the year

[Jordan] so what are we looking at today

[Bob] we have so many systems here in the we care showroom the total performance Home Center what options are we looking at we have many different options we have the different sizes we have the different seer ratings Kassir and your rating and energy efficiency is kind of like miles per gallon and the higher the miles per gallon or the energy efficiency is their mum winning your savings when you’re actually turning the system on you’re getting your money’s worth when you’re using it so the higher the efficiency system the less of the less it costs

[Jordan] exactly like when you look at all these different size systems these are all the same size systems they’re just different physical size difference because of the higher efficiencies

[Bob] you have your basic system which is this 14 seer we’re in the mill okay hello if you are top-of-the-line XC 25 which by actually is actually running right now so you can really hear how quiet it really is yes it’s running right now it is silent I honestly it just I never would have noticed that the air conditioning was on other than that we’re very comfortable here in this room

[Jordan] yeah and we’re and we’re inside a closed building and it’s still quiet so these are the same size

[Bob] but they put different outputs so it’s costing you different amounts to run yeah they’re the same size as in tonnage and tonnage is a way they’re measured on what size each house needs but the physical size is to get the higher efficiency you need more square inches of coils so they have to get bigger and bigger and bigger so that’s something to consider too when you want to see how big your space is for where you’re gonna put the unit which is also comes down to the sound factor because a lot of people end up putting these units outside maybe a bedroom window or outside of patio slider where you want to be able to use that outdoor space as well you also want to be able to keep a window open if you want or close you know many choices and it goes into the what you’re choosing here right and this is a very large system as an S as in Statuary wise it could actually not mix with your backyard it can actually look pretty so you won’t you unkind of want to pick out the systems that actually look good also

[Jordan] so what I’m getting down to is it sounds like the experts here at we care really can help personalize the right system for you because there are choices available definitely most definitely we can come out in fact you can come in here to our showroom and actually see the physical size and actually get an idea of really what’s gonna fit for you and of course if you can’t make it to the showroom we care will come to you and help personalize an AC system for your home you can find them on approved home pros comm