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What to Know Before a Break In

The idea of someone breaking into your home is terrifying, but having that happen and not having a plan is even worse. Richard Mates from Knight Security discusses the importance of having a plan with your family. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘What to Know Before a Break In’

[Richard Mates] Hi this is Richard Mates from Knight Security this is safe at home insights into home security and one thing I want to remind people of you have to develop a mindset to that your home could be broken into and get the family to understand this is a real danger and you need to address it as a former police officer I have seen the tragedies home break-ins and I know this is a problem that we can deal with I understand that every family is unique and we all have individual questions that we’d like to have address before we look into buying us a home security system and I’d be delighted to try to answer these questions for you. I’m an ex police officer I’ve seen it I’ve heard it and I think I can be of help to you and if you’d call me at six one nine seven nine seven six 603 I’d be happy just to answer your question