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What Makes Approved Home Pros Different

Approved Home Pros is not your typical Pro Finder service. There are a variety of things that set Approved Home Pros apart from our competitors, but the fact that our Pros are screened and vetted locally makes us unique.

Details On “What Makes Approved Home Pros Different”

Jordan: Approved Home Pros is not your typical pro-finder service. I’m here with Sean Johnson, my co-host for the show but also co-founder of Approved Home Pros. Sean, let’s explain what it is that sets Approved Home Pros apart from the competition.

Sean: Well there’s a variety of things but to me one of the main ones is the fact that we are screened and vetted by experts in the San Diego community. So any company before they can join our network has to be thoroughly evaluated and voted in unanimously by the pros in our network already, and they’re local, San Diego, trusted experts that are doing it.

Jordan: So what that is, is these companies that we’ve already started working with in our network are on the ground seeing the work of other contractors here in San Diego on multiple jobs.

Sean: Yeah, and they know much more than I think the average consumer does because they see the work multiple times that these pros are doing. So they know the same jobs. They know the materials they’re using. They know the reputation and the trades. And that’s what we base things on is experts, rather than, simply consumer reviews. There’s a place for that but I think we’re much deeper.

Jordan: So what is the homeowner going to see when they are using our services compared to these competitors because we are so local and here on the ground in San Diego?

Sean: Well, besides being free, it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is go in, find the category you’re looking for, press search, and up come the communities we recommend. We don’t collect your personal information and we don’t sell it, like the national list advisors do. They sell their personal information to multiple companies.

Jordan: So no matter what you need for your home, search for free at ApprovedHomePros.com.