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What Makes a Good Handyman?

There’s lot of handymen out there, so how do you know you’re getting the best? Mr. Handyman employs professionals who have been in the industry for upwards of 30 years. They are experienced in a multitudes of fields so they can handle projects from plumbing to electrical. Find out more today!

Details ‘What Makes a Good Handyman’

[Sean] Finding a good handyman can be difficult. Thankfully, Mr. Handyman stands out from the

competition. That’s why they’re the only ones recommended by Approved Home Pros. Bill, thanks for coming back- earlier on the show we were talking about licensing and Mr. Handyman stands out from the crowd because you are licensed.

[Bill] We are licensed, we work under California law General Contracting license. We’re also insured with General Liability, Worker’s Comp and we’re bonded.

[Sean] And that’s not that common in the handyman world, that’s why you’re the only company that we recommend because not a lot of handyman have that.

[Bill] That’s true, that’s what helps us stand out from the crowd and makes us the professional handyman service that we are.

[Sean] So you hold a General Contracting license which means that you can work in any trade.

[Bill] Basically, yes we can.

[Sean] Another thing for me that is important with you guys is the professionalism and the training that goes into the way you do business.

[Bill] So, we hire full time employees that all have a minimum of 10 years of experience in all trades, actually most of them have about 20 years of experience so they know what they’re doing. We also background check them, so as opposed to some people who have their own handyman- you can have that with Mr. Handyman because we have technicians who have been with us for awhile. You can have someone come out to your home and then if you like them, we have a lot of customers who request the same guy to come back time after time, they have their favorites.

[Sean] See, I think that’s something that people get concerned about when using a company, that they won’t have their guy. But you still get all those benefits of a local, neighbor handyman but you also get the professionalism of the company.

[Bill] Exactly, and we have an office also so you can call our office and we manage the schedule so we can make sure that handyman is free when you want them there.

[Sean] Now with an unlicensed handyman, and you can do a certain amount of jobs without a license without a problem- what is it $500?

[Bill] Yes, that’s the limit in California. But being licensed, you can take a job beyond that if you need. Yes, we can if it’s a larger job. So we aren’t doing things to scrimp to try and stay under that $500 limit by cutting time or maybe cutting quality.

[Sean] I think that’s really important, being able to take that job to completion, do a quality job, get it finished and then you can bring in the other pros if you need to if they’re bigger jobs and that’s why we recommend you so highly. Call Mr. Handyman today to take care of your projects, we do. They’re the only company we recommend at Approved Home Pros. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com