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What Is The Grommet?

The Grommet is a resource for inventors to get their unique products to market. Each Ace Hardware carries a different assortment of products and they are constantly changing, so head in to your local Ace Hardware to find something unique.

Details About “What Is The Grommet?”

Sean: I’m here for another Ace Hardware Project of the Week, Joined by Lou Manfredini. Lou, today we’re in a store talking about The Grommet. I’ve just learned about it, but what is the Grommet for those people that haven’t heard?

Lou: So, The Grommet has been an online resource for inventors and the whole idea is that people come up with these ideas. They don’t have a way to kind of bring it to market. They go the The Grommet. It’s almost like a version of the Shark Tank, perse. Ace now is a majority owner in The Grommet. And so many of the products that are super unique, things that you may not find at your average Ace Hardware store, are part of the assortment here at The Grommet. And so it’s really unique stuff, great gift giving idea, great solution-based products. Some are really funny and some are super useful. I’ve got a couple of examples.

Sean: I love this one.

Lou: This, do you have a dog?

Sean: I do have a dog.

Lou: Okay, this, if you look closely, is called the Pooch Selfie.

Sean: Okay, I love it.

Lou: You clip this on the top of your phone with the ball on top. And then you go hey, and you take a picture. (laughs) And the dog is looking at the ball. And you actually can take that ball out and throw the ball. And so kind of unique, you can–

Sean: I’m buying this today, going home with it

Lou: You check out, okay.

Sean: Summer will be getting selfies with this today.

Lou: So that’s kind of a fun thing that you find at The Grommet. Now this is really cool. This is called Pain Cakes. Now, for anybody that has to repeatedly ice an area. You’ve got an injury, maybe you’ve got kids who are playing sports. Maybe you’re playing sports. This is a reusable ice pack that you can put in the freezer for about 60 minutes and it’ll cool, but it’s self-stick.

Sean: Okay.

Lou: And so now if you’ve got a spot on your shoulder that’s hard to reach, you can’t do it, you can take this and pop it on your back and ice that area–

Sean: You don’t have to wrap it or–

Lou: You do not have to wrap it at all. And what’s really cool about this is the fact you can re-stick it up to 100 times.

Sean: Oh, my gosh.

Lou: So, it’s a super useful item. And this mix that you find at participating Ace stores will change. So if you want to see The Grommet products on display, you can also go to TheGrommet.com and see the full line of everything that they carry, but the assortment that we’re going to have at our stores is really going to be something unique that I think’ll be fun for people to take a look at.

Sean: It’ll change up on a regular basis–

Lou: Correct.

Sean: And it’s different makers that are coming in at different times–

Lou: Absolutely.

Sean: And different products. I love this. It’s one more unique aspect of the Ace Hardware stores. And one more really unique reason you need to head in to your local Ace Hardware. The Grommet is going to be in participating stores. Head into your local Ace Hardware or go to SDAceHardware.com to find participating locations.