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What High-End Deck is Right for You?

The look of your deck can take it from drab to fab. Fraser Decks & Patio Covers discusses high-end deck options and the benefits of hardwood to composite decks. Tune in to learn how you can upgrade your deck today!

Details on ‘High-End Decks’

[Jordan] The right deck materials can make or break your patio or deck so today Dave Fraser from Fraser Decks & Patio Covers is here to help us compare hardwood products to composites. Thanks for sharing this with us!

[Dave] Thank you very much for having me!

[Jordan] Let’s just start with the hardwoods, what are our options there?

[Dave] There’s epay, there’s magurus, there’s mahogany, and there’s a bamboo product called moso.

[Jordan] Which you are an expert in all 4, let’s brag for a second because you’re featured actually in so many of their promotional products. This is a deck you actually created.

[Dave] Correct!

[Jordan] So, this is a coffee table page that they put us in.

[[Dave] And we are the featured deck in a few different brochures.

[Jordan] Which is important because you are one of the only patio and deck installers in San Diego. So it’s great to have this kind of power behind you. So, I’m a big fan of these hardwood decks.

[Dave] There’s nothing better looking than a hardwood deck.

[Jordan] But of course there are some downsides that we are going to compare to these composite products. What are our composite options?

[Dave] So, the main four brands that we install are Azec, TumberTec, Trex, and Fibron.

[Jordan] What’s the difference between those?

[Dave] So, Azec is all PVC inside and out, there’s no wood product inside. The other three, are a mixture of wood, pulp and plastic with a PVC wrap. okay, so every product available has its ups and its downs.

[Jordan] So, hardwood- nothing quite compares to the look but what about maintenance?

[Dave] So, there’s a lot of maintenance, expect to get out there at least once a year to refinish the deck if you want to maintain that color.

[Jordan] That’s a lot of maintenance.

[Dave] Yes, it’s a lot of work! It’s either going to cost you a lot or be a lot of time.

[Jordan] But it looks great.

[Dave] It does, there is nothing better looking.

[Jordan] How does that compare to the maintenance of the composite products?

[Dave] So, with the composite- there’s no maintenance at all. You’re going to get long warranties, long lives, they are all UV rated, they have a nice cap on top so you don’t have to do any maintenance. They’re not going to change colors. You’re going to get the same look through the life of the deck.

[Jordan] What about fire rating across the board for both products?

[Dave] So, this is a big deal- most of the composites have a fire rating. Azec is the only class A fire rating. All the hardwoods are all class A fire ratings, that’s a huge deal in San Diego because most of the city is requiring fire rated decks now.

[Jordan] And do I assume Class A is the highest fire rating?

[Dave] That is the highest fire rating. And the other composites- they have a Class B fire rating.

[Jordan] Thank you so much for that information, Dave. If you are looking to build a deck or patio, turn to the experts at Fraser who can help guide you through the process to get the right product for your home. Call 760-205-1877 today.