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What Are Retrofit Windows?

Are your windows old, inefficient or hard to open? It may be time to replace them. Best Value Glass shares what you need to know about retrofit windows.

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Jordan: Are your windows old, inefficient, or hard to open? It may be time to replace them. Steve Welsh from Best Value Glass is here with everything that we need to know about retrofit windows. Thanks for joining me today, Steve.

Steve: Thank you.

Jordan: So let’s start really with the basics, 101 level here. What is a retrofit window?

Steve: So a retrofit window allows us to replace your old window with a new one to improve your energy efficency, your sound, comfort of the home, and even the look.

Jordan: So we’re talking about taking out your existing window and using that frame, so not really a lot of construction, and replacing it with this example. This is a sample of a retrofit window. Why don’t you tell me about it?

Steve: Okay, so this is the retrofit fin that we use that covers up the old frame, and we seal this, so obviously for a window you don’t want it to leak.

Jordan: Yeah, no water intrusions.

Steve: No water intrusions, but there’s no stucco work, there’s no drywall on the inside, there’s no painting, so it’s a pretty seamless operation that takes us one, maybe two days.

Jordan: So that’s a really quick turnaround for a home improvement that’s going to garner some pretty great results. Let’s talk about the benefits of modern window technology that homeowners can take advantage of.

Steve: Yeah, so the biggest, the first thing that everybody’s going to notice is the sound. And we can do different things in the window to give you more, even more sound. But that’s the biggest thing. And then energy efficiency, so in the summertime it keeps the heat out, it doesn’t let the heat get inside.

Jordan: So we’re talking lower AC bills.

Steve: Lower AC bills. And in the wintertime, it keeps the cold out. So your house is much more comfortable, stays very comfortable in the winter.

Jordan: Not to mention these windows are much easier to use because all of the modern technology, you can just kind of tap them open and they slide.

Steve: The windows, most of these windows, especially the sliders, they work with one finger.

Jordan: So we have, and they come with so many different color options, you have a quick little sample here. Really anything you can dream of, the colors are available. Whatever you want for your home.

Steve: Yeah, there’s a lot of colors available in painted vinyl and also in aluminum we can do any color. You can even give us something, “Hey I want to do this color,” and we can match that.

Jordan: Thanks Steve! Head to the Best Value Glass showroom today to check out all of the available options, 619-419-0023.