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What a Roof Inspection Can Provide You

Often times, homeowners don’t get their roof inspected until it’s too late. A roof inspection from Howard & Sons can not only provide you a peace of mind, it can also find small problems that are easy to fix before they become a big problem.

Details on ‘Roof Inspection’

[Jordan] If you don’t remember the last time you’ve had a roof inspection, it’s definitely time to get one especially after this wet year that we’ve been having so far, so today I’m here at a job site with Howard and Sons. Here with Ceaser where we’re just gonna tag along on a roof inspection and find out what goes into it so let’s start with that what is it that you look for when Howard and Sons comes out to do a roof inspection.

[Cesar] Roof inspections are one of those things that homeowners actually neglect to do. Yeah it’s an out of sight out of mind kind of situation with your roof, you know you never really take a look at it but we highly encourage you to get a roof inspection at least every three to five years every three to five years absolutely So coming over to a house you know we inspect from the ground up and we inspect fascia board we inspect to make sure all the rafter tails are intact. We expect the drip edge and just overall just make sure that the roof in appears to be have integrity okay so we’re doing a full pass around the home from the ground up and then it’s time to go on the roof. So once on the roof we’re looking immediately for any missing shingles, any loose shingles, any exposed nails, any flashes that might need some attention, pipes and penetrations are always one of the big things that we check for because you know you always get leaks through those pipes the caulking dries out and then you get water runoff straight into the Attic which in turn affects your insulation so of course if you have an signs of a leak it’s definitely time to get a roof inspection but even if you have no signs it’s great to know the status of your roof and what’s what might be coming in the future

[Jordan] Is that kind of the evaluation that can be provided.

[Cesar] It lets you know how much life you have left on the roof you know a good estimate of how long you know we think that you have left on the roof so you can start preparing for that expense later on down the road it’s also great to know if there’s small things that can be repaired along the way instead of waiting until the roof is in such disarray that it’s time to just reroute the whole thing is that a good way for people to save money

[Jordan] Absolutely it sure is you know if you catch the problem early on enough you know you want to make sure that you avoid any problems any big catastrophes leaks inside the home that’s furniture flooring things of that nature and of course we’ve had so much rain this year I’m sure roofers are continually gonna be busy what’s the turnaround time if someone needs a roof inspection when how often can Howard and Sons get out there how soon will it be?

[Cesar] We can get them done usually within a week within a week

[Jordan] That’s incredible so you don’t have any reason to delay call Howard and sons today and get your roof inspections so that you can know the status of your roof and avoid bigger problems in the future find them on ApprovedHomePros.com