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What a Burglar Looks For

There’s certain things that a burglar goes after during a break in. Do you know what they are? Richard Mates from Knight Security discusses where a burglar hits in your home and what they look for.

Details ‘What a Burglar Looks For’

[Richard Mates] hi this is Richard made from Knight security and this is safe at home some insights into protecting your home and your family from a burglary and I want to give you a moment’s insight into how a residential burglary happens normally if nine o’clock in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon you’re at work the wife set at work kids are at school a burglar will find a way into your home and what do they do when they break in they usually go directly to the master bedroom that’s for most of us store our most valuable things your wife’s jewelry is right there on the on the dresser and your guns coin collections or other valuables are in the closet and they know this and they will go to those areas they’ll take the mattress off your bed because people put envelopes under the mattress thinking they’re safe they’re not the master bedroom is the target and if you have questions on this or any other topic in security give me a call at six one nine seven nine seven six six oh three I’d be happy to try to help you thank you