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Valued in Integrity, Roofers You Can Trust

Howard & Sons is a company based on integrity, and Ignacio Cesar Peinado upholds this value to ensure you are getting the best product at the best deal. Find out how his career in the Navy led him to Howard & Sons and how integrity has shaped the way he does business.

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[Jordan] We talk a lot about products and services here at Approved Home Pros to help you better understand your home, but it’s equally as important to learn about the people behind a company. So today I’m excited to chat with Cesar from Howard and Sons Roofing. Thanks so much for being with me today.

[Cesar] Thank you for having me.

[Jordan] Let’s talk all about your journey and your career path. How it is that you got into roofing.

[Cesar] So, I’ve known Dustin Howard for about 26 years now. I served in the military for 24 years, and retired in 2014. After I retired, Dustin decided to swoop me up and bring me over to Howard and Sons.

[Jordan] Wow, so Dustin of course, the owner of Howard and Sons, had a nice, long relationship with you, but he saw the integrity that you’re bringing to the work, and so much work ethic that comes out of being in the Navy. Thank you again for that service.

[Cesar] Thank you for your support. And integrity is exactly why he brought me over is because Howard and Sons does have such high integrity values that he decided that retiring from the military, I would only add to that.

[Jordan] Makes you a perfect candidate for working for him, of course. Let’s talk about what your role here in San Diego is.

[Cesar] I’m the project manager here in San Diego for all the jobs, so whenever you give us a call for a free estimate here in the San Diego County, I’ll be the one showing up to your house.

[Jordan] I love that, because we’re showing, I get to talk to you today, but homeowners are going to get to see you in their home, and then it’s really nice to be able to connect those dots for everyone to learn about your background too, because you want to know that you’re doing business with companies that you really want to support. So other than integrity, your communication skills are probably pretty sharp from the Navy.

[Cesar] Absolutely, having been a firefighter in the Navy for so many years, one of the things that I pride myself on is trying to keep people calm in stressful situations, and getting a new roof on your house is definitely a stressful situation at times.

[Jordan] Absolutely, because I think so many people undervalue the absolute importance of the roof being the seal, really to the top of your house.

[Cesar] Correct.

[Jordan] And you know, very few people actually understand how important the roof

over your head really is. So it’s great to have a positive, well-rounded communicator to help everyone understand what they need to know from that.


[Cesar] The last thing of course, I want to say that we bring to it is the follow-through. Howard and Sons is always going to follow through on what they started.

[Jordan] That’s right.

[Cesar] And we do what we say, and we do it always 100% to your satisfaction.

[Jordan] I love that, so right now is a great time to get a roof inspection, right?

[Cesar] Like John F. Kennedy best said, there was a quote that few people know, is “the best time to fix your roof “is when the sun is shining”.

[Jordan] Fantastic, so call Cesar today. Let him come out and have that roof inspection. You can always turn to Howard and Sons for all of your roofing needs. Call them today at 619-343-2228.