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Utilizing Design Elements in Your Home

Design elements such as unique stone or tile can help personalize your home. Thompson Building Materials is home to a variety of beautiful design elements that you can use throughout your home.

Details on ‘Utilizing Design Elements’

[Jordan] The texture of materials that you choose for your home can have a big impact on the end results look and feel so today I’m here with Derrick Pritchett from Thompson building materials who’s here to talk about how texture can improve your home. So thanks for being with me.

[Derek] Thanks for having me.

[Jordan] Texture can go so far beyond just choosing like carpet or wood floors and making a difference there- it can be literally any wall ceiling or floor in the home. How do we go about incorporating texture into the home?

[Derek] Well people are starting to use a lot more natural stone or manufacturers still in or even brick on the interiors of their homes and bringing texture to the wall surfaces that the wallpaper just can’t do or paint, it just can’t do it when you see a stone wall it has such a bigger visual impact but it also affects the way the room feels.

[Jordan] Wouldn’t you say t  feels a lot more inviting or more organic? And it’s very comfortable some people.

[Derek] I think it’s like a very heavy or a cave but no it’s very inviting very warm and very natural.

[Jordan] Of course, and if you overdo it perhaps it could feel like a cave but that’s just you know making sure that your design is is conclusive to the feel that you’re trying to get too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I love that, so we have all these examples that you can see at Thompson Building Materials and texture even can differ from stone to stone so if you pick the same stone- I know there’s this one wall in there that’s three different textures of the same exact material and it looks radically different.

[Derek] There are different  texture options available changes the color of this stone the appearance of it and so you’re not limited to just one texture.

[Jordan] So whatever your desire it  can be achieved yeah so you could pick one of those stones or you could go for the same wall that you guys have built at the Thompson showroom and use all three and incorporate and create a beautiful pattern.

[Derek] Absolutely, blend all three of them blend – but blending of materials is important also don’t be afraid to blend materials even wood or metal incorporate with the stone so it’s not just too much stone so it’s a great design tip.

[Jordan] Another one I want to point out you have in the kitchen at Thompson the brick is layered.

[Derek] So the grout is almost different between each line different grout treatments can show the product differently so you get like striping effect and then also you can create areas spaces we have a ghost stone rug or to find a space in a room.

[Jordan] Yeah it looks like a rug but it’s  actually a beautiful stone pattern in the ground of course we can see. So thank you so much. You want to head on down to Thompson and see these installations yourself explore all the endless options for building materials and textures at Federal Boulevard just five miles outside of downtown