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Using Caulk in Your Home

Using Caulk in Your Home

Today we’re going to talk about how you can feel like a pro in your own home just by using caulk. Caulk is a pliable, waterproof adhesive that can come in quite handy around the house. That gap where your window meets the wall? Caulk it. Have a crack in your shower tile? Caulk it.

Caulk is easy to use, which makes it easy for you to be a hero in your own home without calling in the experts.

Types of Caulk

There are many types of caulk available, including latex, acrylic and silicone. The type of caulk you select will be determined by the type of conditions it will have to withstand.

Acrylic caulk blends in well with whatever you apply it to, and is often easier to sand, paint and stain. On the other hand, silicone caulk tends to be more flexible, which makes it last longer in many different environments.

Once you’ve purchased the right caulk for your job, it’s time to get down to business.

Using Caulk

First, clean your surface. Remove old caulk, dirt and any other loose particles that would affect the seal of your new caulk, and wipe the surface clean.

Next, prepare your tube of caulk. Cut the nozzle to match the size bead you need, and pierce the inner seal to allow the caulk to flow. Though there are squeezable tubes of caulk available, the cleanest application possible can be achieved with the help of caulk guns.

Then smooth your caulk before it dries. Use your finger or a smoothing tool to get that smooth, flat continuous application and seal.

When you are all finished and the caulk has dried, test your seal by checking for air or water leaks.

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