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Unique Accessory Pieces For Your Home

Thompson Building Materials may be known for their beautiful showroom that allows homeowners to visualize using outdoor materials in their home, but they also have fun and unique items for visitors to see.

Details About “Unique Accessory Pieces For Your Home”

Jordan: As the name implies, Thompson Building Materials is the perfect place to go to select materials for your remodeling project. But it’s also an incredible place to go for fun and unique accessory pieces. Derek Pritchett, Thompson’s General Manager is here to show us a few. Talk about what you brought with us. Let’s start over here with this dog house.

Derek: Well, the dog house, we have our contractors ,they’re building a brick wall\ or something around your home, tearing down the wood fence, rather than take it to the land fills and throw it in there, we give it a new purpose. We reclaim it and build dog houses, kids playhouses, planters, all kinds of things.

Jordan: Upcycling, I hear that’s called.

Derek: Upcycling, recycling, repurposing, yes.

Jordan: I love it, so you can have those kind of custom made, this is one example that you keep at the show room.

Derek: Yes.

Jordan: But, any specs I have I can come in with and …

Derek: Any size, any shape, any style.

Jordan: So, if you don’t have a dog, maybe you have a garden,

Derek: Maybe a kid.

Jordan: Or you need a planter pot, we’ve got, well I was gonna move on to the planter pot. Please don’t store your kids in the planter pot Derek.

Derek: No.

Jordan: But this is a unique feature as well, because it’s over-sized but it also kind of has a special origin.

Derek:We have a good selection of pottery, a lot of glazed pots, this is more of a terra cotta glazed detail on it. But, big selection, so lot of over-sized, larger pots, so, not just the stuff you see down in Mexico.

Jordan: Right, so whatever colors or styles or shapes you’re looking for, Thompson has probably a selection available for you. Brings me next to, probably my favorite one that you brought today, is this fire table. It’s so unique.

Derek: Actually, it’s reclaimed wood also, on the veneer on the fire table. This is a propane unit, there’s actually a side table that matches with it. It hides the propane tanks, so it’s functional, you can move it around your space in your yard. If you move, take it with you, it’s not anchored in.

Jordan: And the side table is designed to match.

Derek: Identical match.

Jordan: Lastly, maybe the most creative element we have today. A barbecue?

Derek: Smoker.

Jordan: Smoker?

Derek: Yes. So, this is a pig smoker. And the smoke actually comes out the nostrils, we have a pig and a bull. So, a couple different options to choose from.

Jordan: So, if you have the space for this, definitely a creative way to …

Derek: They work really well.

Jordan: Have a party and serve some meat to your friends. Not present today we have a wine barrel table that I really wanna touch on because this is kind of a classic look, but is customizable.

Derek: Kind of a vintage wine barrels, a bistro height. You can have logos or whatever you want to have printed on top the table top. So, give your own custom look.

Jordan: I love it. Thompson Building Materials has these and so much more, and you can find it just outside of downtown, and
it’s open to the public. Find out more at AprovedHomePros.com