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Understanding Pool Safety to Protect Your Family

May is Pool Safety month and with summer right around the corner it’s crucial that you know how to keep you family safe. Our Resident Expert, Gregg Cantor, and Javier from Payan Pool Service share the ABC’s of pool safety.

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[Sean] It’s time to Ask an Expert. Where we tackle  every day home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. Today as normal I’m with Gregg Cantor, our resident expert from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Javier from Payan Pool Service. Now it’s water safety month and it’s critically important because and there’s a reminder of that, there was a terrible tragedy Gregg in your neighborhood.

[Gregg] Right, just a few houses down from us a couple weeks ago there was a loss of a child and it’s really unfortunate and it’s preventable and I’m really glad Javier is here to you know talk about this.

[Sean] Yeah, because here there’s a system and something broke down obviously in that tragedy but hopefully we can avoid that. What are the ways that you can be focused on water safety?

[Javier] So we break it down real simple to the ABCs of pool safety. A would be for adult supervision, you know that’s an a responsible adult, not a child watching a child. B would be for barriers so an isolation fence around your pool or an isolation fence around your property to keep people from wandering in and then last you see would be for learning CPR and also for swim classes.

[Sean] Okay great, I’ll great easy system to remember. Let’s break those down a little bit. A, adult supervision- what are some of the keys with that?

[Javier] Yeah so with adult supervision for example we have this water watcher tag program so if Gregg and I are hosting a party and we’re watching kids and I would be wearing this and if I have to use the restroom or get called away, I can hand the water watcher tag to Gregg, he puts it on now he’s the responsible adult watching the pool and he’s not gonna be on his phone, he’s not gonna be taking a nap, he’s not gonna be getting called away. That way everybody knows who’s responsible and they’re ready.

[Gregg] But Javier too, if it’s a pool that’s not your home pool but you’re at a hotel or somewhere else you also need to be on watch.

[Javier] Yeah, completely. So when you go on vacation, you’re at a hotel pool or you go to a lake or you go to a river or you go to the beach, a lot of people make the assumption because you’re on vacation that somebody else is watching the kids and you know how many times we go to the beach, we see the parents napping or socializing. The kids out unattended and in a lot of causes there is a lifeguard but assume there isn’t one and your job is to be vigilant and watch the children.

[Sean] Yeah be responsible in those in those situations. Let’s talk about B for barriers.

[Javier] Sure, so fencing is important but also to barriers could be alarms on your door. Real important to have even if you don’t have children. I strongly recommend having some type of a chime alarm because children are eventually going to come visit, whether it’s grandkids or the neighbors or what have you and so you know when you do have children you can set those alarm, so that when the doors open you’re alerted and then C is for classes. Yeah so you want to teach your children at an early age so if they do fall in the pool, at least they’ve got a chance to get out. And so CPR classes and yeah and swim classes. All critically important areas to keep safe and have your pool safe in this in the summer season,

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