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Transparency At Approved Home Pros

Approved Home Pros is San Diego’s free Pro-Finder service for top home improvement companies. But how does it really work? Approved Home Pros shares how we work with great experts in San Diego to offer our Pro-Finder service to the community.

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Jordan: Approved Home Pros is San Diego’s free pro-finder service for top home improvement companies. But how does it really work? Sean Johnson, my co-host and co-founder of Approved Home Pros, here with me today, along with Gregg Cantor, our Resident Expert, so thanks for joining me, guys.

Gregg: It’s great to be here.

Sean: Glad to be here.

Jordan: Sean, how is it that we work with experts like Gregg to offer this great service to the community?

Sean: Well, you know, we work in a variety of ways, but I think the important thing is how it started, Gregg. We got taken advantage of, Heather and I, by unscrupulous contractors and I knew Gregg from business and when I told him the story, basically your comment to me was, “You dummy, you should have called me.”

Jordan: So it started out a friendship, is that right, Gregg?

Gregg: It did, definitely and it got built from there.

Sean: And the reason Gregg said I should’ve called him was right on target, because you’ve been in the industry in San Diego for so long, you know all the top contractors. And so, Gregg pulled together a group of his people that he trusted, and we started from there.

Gregg: We sat down with the three of us, or four of us as partners and that’s how it all started.

Sean: Yeah, and we together, talked about how people could avoid an experience like I had.

Jordan: Nobody wants what happened to you to happen to them. I don’t want anyone out there to go through what that is. And I definitely don’t want to go through it. So I, just as a consumer, I’m so glad that this service exists. Something to help me find pros when I need them. So, how does that work on the consumer side? We’re so transparent, that everything we do is consumer first.

Sean: Yeah, it all starts with the user and that’s how, again, it started with that user-centric thing. So, what happens is, companies have to be voted in unanimously. There’s a thorough screening process, but we’re transparent about everything we do. It’s not a black box like the national companies. But, we like to tell people how we make money. And people buy advertising from us.

Gregg: Right.

Sean: If you’re coming into the program and you’ve been screened and vetted, then you can take advantage of marketing and advertising and things and that’s how we make our money. So, it’s a free service to the consumer, but you can’t come in unless you’ve been screened and vetted.

Gregg: And I want to add, it’s not a hard-sell either. It’s being apart of this network, a group of respected businesses that have been vetted and so it’s different than the other programs.

Jordan: Well, and what we find of course, is that everyone who does join our network and takes advantage of that advertising opportunity has our same goals and values, because it’s so important for us to put the consumer first. Everything we do is transparent, from how those pros join our network, our screening and vetting process is readily available for you to research and figure out how it works, right on ApprovedHomePros.com.

Gregg: And it has to be unanimous, right?

Jordan: And then the pros have to be unanimously voted in. And then of course, we want to be transparent all the way through how our business model works and how we make money.

Sean: Yeah, from the beginning to end, it’s all user-centric, we’re very clear, we want people to understand and we want people to know too, we don’t do what some of the national companies do, which is sell your name to companies and take your personal information and put it out there, which happens with the national–

Gregg: We’ll get spammed like mad.

Sean: Yeah, we’re a pro-finder service rather than those other companies, which really are collecting your name and they’re selling it to contractors.

Jordan: So, let’s talk a little bit more about that pro-finder service, because everyone you see here on our show, of course, is part of our network, has been voted in unanimously, hits all those criteria. But also, we just put their contact information out there for you, for the homeowners, for you to call.

Sean: Yeah, unlike some of the other services, I think about 13 clicks it takes to get through on one service, for them to not give you the pros, but to collect your personal information. You go on ApprovedHomePros.com, you’re always one click away from the pros we recommend and you’re in control.

Jordan: Sean, Gregg, thanks so much. Whatever it is you need for your home, search quickly and easily right on ApprovedHomePros.com. You are always only one click away from the pros that you need. Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you soon. Thank you for joining the Approved Home Pros Show.