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Top Home Security Concerns

When it comes to your home, you want to ensure it is safe as possible. Here to answer all your questions is Richard Mates from Knight Security. Discover the answers to all your top home security concerns.

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[Jordan] home security can be overwhelming do you even know where to start Richard mates from Knight security is here with some of the top security concerns I’m excited to dig into this today thanks for joining me

[Richard] absolutely welcome

[Jordan] what is the number one reason people call you to get a home security

[Richard] they come at it from a lot of different angles but it all boils down to one thing peace of mind people want to be secure and comfortable in their own home

[Jordan] absolutely everyone deserves to have that feeling

[Richard] Absolutely I am resolute a hundred percent you of course are the security provider for my home as well so I have that peace of mind every day

[Jordan] and I love that what drives people to get to that point here

[Richard] you know and I hear it every day there’s been break-ins in my neighborhood I’m concerned I’m starting to travel more and I’m a little concerned about the wife and the kids home alone my children are now coming home from school by themselves I’d like them to come into a secure home these are the things I hear consistent or people that hear noises at night they said you know and I’ve always told people it is so reassuring when you hear a noise at night to know it didn’t come from outside cuz the alarms on

[Jordan] That is very reassuring feeling, I have it all the time especially being in an older home because my home creaks and it’s good to know that it’s just the house settling

[Richard] that’s right exactly

[Jordan] when we look around the home what are the areas that we should be looking at when it comes to security

[Richard] the first thing I look at is pathway and the master bedroom pathway to the mat because that’s where most residential burglaries happen it’s where the most valuable things in the home are women’s jewelry, gun collections, men’s jewelry and they go to the master bedroom so we always want to protect the master bedroom and a pathway that would lead a burglar to that area including the points of entry

[Jordan] so what do we consider there

[Richard] okay well any accessible doors and windows you know don’t leave doors and windows unlocked or open during the day we are gone because you’re inviting a burglar into your home and they’re always gonna start kind of near the back or something that’s off the street

[Jordan] right exactly

[Richard] if they’re looking for a place to break and break a window they’re gonna take a concealed window or door that somebody won’t see and to gain entry so you want to get a security system

[Jordan] among some other tips to keep your home more secure, Knight security can help with that it’s an is easy as a consultation it’s very simple and easy and you will get that piece of that we’ve been talking about and it’s very affordable and easy to do and it’s so easy to get started get more security advice and peace of mind with a security system from night security call them today at six one nine seven nine seven six six zero three