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Top 5 New Year Home Upgrades

Looking for ways to improve your home, so you can enjoy it more? Our experts review the top 5 home upgrades that we recommend to increase your home’s value. Have a question for our experts? Ask here!

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Sean: Well, it’s time to Ask An Expert, where we tackle everyday home improvement projects to help you better understand your home. Today, I’m with Gregg Cantor, our resident expert from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel. Gregg, glad to have you here today. We’re covering the top five home upgrades for the new year. And I’m just going to throw them at you and have your commentary. Number one, solar for 2019, why?

Gregg: Well, there’s no better time to do solar because the tax credits at the end of the year are going to be reduced. And then in the end of 2020, they will be reduced again. So you’d need to get on that.

Sean: So waiting is not in your advantage with that. Number two, blending indoors and outdoors.

Gregg: So indoor outdoor living is a very popular remodeling project. You could easily add a door, a patio and a cover, or do even an outdoor kitchen with a bathroom.

Sean: I love these LaCantina doors, they just open up the whole thing, or Fleetwood, there’s a variety of makers, that blend that indoors and outdoors. Number three, ADU/Companion Units, what does that mean?

Gregg: Well it’s again, no better time to add on, it’s like a mini-apartment. It could be for your loved ones or for rental income. The city passed a bill where they’re waiving the fees, so now is a great time to jump on that.

Sean: Is that what they used to call granny flats?

Gregg: Yes. I don’t like that word granny flat.

Sean: That’s a dated term, I realize that. Number four, are you in love with the spaces you spend the most time?

Gregg: Well, your kitchen, your bathroom, those are probably places that you spend the most time, so you could do a simple remodel or a major renovation.

Sean: And I know that in kitchens especially, if you haven’t had your kitchen remodeled in a long time, the appliances have come a long way, just the feel and the look of kitchens has just changed dramatically.

Gregg: Right, maybe you just do countertops and appliances.

Sean: Alright, number five, last one, get organized, get streamlined.

Gregg: So this is a very inexpensive improvement to organize your closet, you could do garage cabinets, laundry room cabinets, very simple.

Sean: It improves your quality of life in a big way and I know just you feel better. Are all these going to pretty much add value to your home?

Gregg: They’re going to add value, but don’t forget the personal value that you get out of these improvements.

Sean: Absolutely, just the quality of life and the pride of ownership you get. So, these are all marvelous upgrades. There are things that we recommend for you at home. With Approved Home Pros, you can find the pros to do any of these upgrades you want at any time, and they’re all qualified, screen, vetted expert pros. If you have any questions for our experts, or want to see more on previous topics, visit approvedhomepros.com in the Show Extras section.