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Top 10 Things Not To Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Top 10 Things Not To Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Gregg Cantor, Resident Expertby Gregg Cantor
Resident Expert, The Home Pro Show
President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

 Look up the definition of “Garbage Disposal” and you get:

  • noun 1. garbage disposal – a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage.

Don’t take this description literally. Garbage disposals may be designed to grind up just about anything you stick in them, but your drain isn’t.

To avoid causing serious blockage in your kitchen sink, these are the top 10 things not to put in your garbage disposal:

1. Grease or oil. You might think it disappeared down the drain. Most likely grease and oil will solidify down your pipes and eventually cause a backup.

2. Vegetable peelings. You might get away with a small amount from time to time. Odds are, eventually you will get a soupy backfilled mess.

3. Egg shells. The membrane inside eggs will wrap around the garbage disposal blades and wreak havoc. Not to mention the shell grindings will settle in  the pipes.

4. Coffee Grounds. Over time, the grounds build up like sediment in your pipes leading to a gross mess of backwash.

5. Pits or seeds. Pits of all kinds, like peach, avocado, cherries, etc. Basically, pits rattling around your pipes are like a pinball of destruction.

6. Bones. Need I say more?

7. Anything in large quantities. Feed your disposal small meals and wait for everything to be ground up before adding more.

8. Garbage. Just say no to cigarette butts or paper.

9. Rice and pasta. Soggy carbohydrates just turn into a pasty, gunky glue and clog up your drain.

10. Stringy veggies. Celery, corn husks, carrot or potato peelings wrap around the disposal blades creating a mess.

Think before you stuff your garbage disposal with inappropriate items. If you have drain problems, check out our approved plumbing companies.

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