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Tired Of Your Electric Bill Constantly Increasing?

Installing solar panels on your home is so much more than helping the grid save energy. SunPower by Milholland fills us in on the benefits of switching to solar energy. They break down the advantages of solar and explain why there is so much confusion about it.

Details About “Tired Of Your Electric Bill Constantly Increasing?”

Jordan: Going solar is so much more than helping the grid save energy. Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland is here to fill us in on the many benefits of switching to solar energy. So thanks for being here. 

Brian: Thanks for having me.

Jordan: There are so many reasons to go solar and there’s a lot of confusion out there. So let’s just break down the benefits of what homeowners are going to see. Starting with saving money. 

Brian: Right, saving money is the big reason why people go solar. You’re able to lock in your energy bills. You know, for the next 40 years.

Jordan: 40 years? 

Brian: 40 years. So SunPower by Milholland Electric uses the best panels in the business, the SunPower panels. They have a 25 year warranty, but they have a 40 year lifespan. 

Jordan: And just think of how many times the electric company can raise the rates over 40 years 

Brian: Absolutely. 

Jordan: So we’re talking about saving money and every year, potentially that’s more savings even. Cause the rates are going to continue to go up. Right? 

Brian: Right. And not only the savings, but now people get to be more comfortable in their lifestyle. Right? You can run your air conditioning when it’s hot. You don’t have to worry about how high that electric bill’s going to be. You know, it also helps save a little bit on the squabbling at home about what temperature you’re going to use. 

Jordan: Yeah.

Brian: Yeah. 

Jordan: 78 or 72?

Brian: Right. 

Jordan: So that’s important, too, because the solar system gets sized based on what you say your electric wants are. You know, you might not be using your AC as much as you want right now while you’re still on electrical power. But, as soon as you go solar, you can work with Milholland and explain that you want to be more comfortable. 

Brian: The consultants have a list of questions they ask. And they observe kind of the way that you live your life. Do you have young children that are going to get older and use more electricity. Are you considering getting an electric vehicle? 

Jordan: Yeah, huge. 

Brian: That’s a big, that’s big. Do you have medical appliances that you’d like to keep running when the power goes out? So, solar and energy storage can help that happen also. 

Jordan: So, so many benefits on top of the environmental benefits of helping the grid save energy. But what is the catch? This sounds all too good to be true Brian. 

Brian: Right. So there is no catch. You see all the gimmicks all the time, like we’ll pay you to go solar. Well basically, we will pay you to go solar too. And by that I mean, we will help you go solar. We’ll put more money into your pocket every month. In the terms of savings over your energy bill. So you could look at that as you’re getting paid to go solar. 

Jordan: Right, because you are saving each month and more money is going back into your pocket. So get started with Milholland today. When you take advantage of the stability offered by solar energy. Call Milholland for your free consultation at 619-320-7373.