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Tips To Keep Your Home Warm In The Winter

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We love to brag about San Diego’s weather, but the truth is it actually does get cold in San Diego homes. Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning share tips to keep you comfortable through the colder months.

Jordan: We always brag about San Diego’s weather, but the truth is it actually does get cold here in San Diego homes. So today Sarah and Jon from Allegiance Heating & Air are here with tips to be comfortable all year long. Thanks for joining me.

Jon: Thank you for having us here.

Sarah: Thanks for having us.

Jordan: So Jon, let me start with you. Is there a optimal temperature that we should set our thermostats to in the winter time?

Jon: The optimal temperature really depends on the person. So, for one person to another it differs.

Jordan: Personal comfort, I love having flexibility and choices like that.

Jon: Absolutely. Also, remember that in southern California here, gas furnaces are the primary source and we do not recommend leaving those on all day.

Sarah: No, however.

Jordan: Okay, so in the winter shut if off?

Sarah: In the winter shut if off. However, in the summer, if you are comfortable at 75 and you’re leaving your home, we do recommend that you set it for 80 degrees. So when you come home and set it back down to 75, it’s not working as hard. The system isn’t over working itself, so it’s more energy efficient.

Jordan: So we’ve got energy efficiency for the summer, but in winter, you really just only need to turn it on when you’re ready to use it?

Sarah: Right.

Jon: Correct.

Sarah: Because it’s gas versus electrical.

Jordan: Great tip. So what about hot and cold spots in the home? I know a lot of San Diego homes don’t have insulation and you know, one area gets really hot, one area gets really cold. What can we do about that?

Jon: The best thing to do is ensure proper ventilation in your home. Make sure you don’t have doors closed in certain rooms, also make sure that your vents are open so that you ensure the proper air flow through your home. Another consideration is to ensure that you have proper window coverings, and that you have like double panned windows in your home.

Jordan: So all of these things go into consideration for designing the right system, and of course, Allegiance can come out and help if the system, you know, if there’s a problem with the actual system that’s causing a hot and cold spot, that could be corrected as well, right Sarah?

Sarah: Right and you really want to get somebody out there to take a look at the ducts because remember, 40% of your heat and cool loss is through your ducting system.

Jordan: Which is huge!

Sarah: Yeah, yeah so we really want to make sure that we come out and seal it properly and make sure that it’s functioning as it should.

Jordan: So let’s tell people how they can take advantage of that ’cause Allegiance has an incredible offer related to ducting right now.

Sarah: Yeah, right now we’re offering a free furnace and duct inspection. And we’ll come out and take a hundred bucks off the duct work if there’s any repairs it needed.

Jordan: Well thank you so much you guys. If you are ready to be comfortable all year long, do it with help from Allegiance Heating and Air. You can find them and other top pros quickly and easily right on approvedhomepros.com.