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Tips For Using Painter’s Tape

Ace Hardware shares tips on how to choose the right painter’s tape and how to apply it effectively. If you are going to be doing any painting, head into your local Ace Hardware store to get any advice you need for your project.

Details About “Tips For Using Painter’s Tape”

Sean: I’m here with our Ace Hardware project of the week with Lou Manfedini. Lou great to see ya.

Lou: Nice to see you.

Sean: And today we’re talking about painter’s tape. I don’t know a lot about painter’s tape, but I know there’s a difference in various versions.

Lou: Well, when you come to your average Ace Hardware store you’re gonna find a lot of tape. There’s actually more tape than you probably need to buy when it comes to painting, but it is important. 3M, of course, was kinda the originator of the blue painter’s tape. We also have an Ace brand that we sell. And then this FrogTape, which is what I have displayed on this panel, has really been sort of a game changer because they use sort of this Edge-Lock technology. So, when you’re putting any kind of paint on here, painter’s tape rather, if you’re going around the trim or you’re gonna create some stripes on a wall, the trick is when you apply it to then use your finger to set it. Because the whole idea is that when you apply that paint, okay, and you’re kinda creating those lines, whatever it may be, if you don’t set it when you peel the tape you’re gonna get what they call bleed-through. Now, painter’s tape also has what they call a release, meaning that on average it takes about fifteen days and then you need to take the tape off, otherwise there’ll be a residue. When you’re doing any kind of taping you want to come across on an angle like this to kind of give you that crisp line. Now, that’s just a very light coat of paint that you can see there. But you see how crisp that line is? Good quality painter’s tape, talk to the associates in the store and tell them exactly what you’re working on so that you get the right stuff. Set it, paint it, peel it like a pro.

Sean: If you wait too long, some of the paint can come off, right?

Lou: Correct, right, so if you over-paint on it, you want to do it while it’s still damp and peel it away and then let it dry.

Sean: That makes a lot of sense.

Lou: Look at the stuff you’re learning.

Sean: Hey, I started out knowing nothing, I’ve learned a lot already, because I’ve made those same mistakes. I’ve painted and I’ve left it on too long and I peeled off large portions of the paint job.

Lou: You’ll see on most of the, on the rolls, they will have what they call a release time. Some go as long as 30 days, because, I mean, for a lot of people, if you think about a paint project, right? Maybe you’re gonna do it on the weekends and you’re gonna do it over several weekends. And so it’s not realistic that you’re gonna do all the taping and then take it and peel it all away. So look for tapes that have a longer release time if you know the project is gonna go a couple of weekends.

Sean: Then we’ve got a little bit more freedom, that’s marvelous. So if you are gonna be doing any painting, head into your local Ace Hardware store or go to SDAceHardware.com to find the store nearest you.