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Tips For Choosing The Right Patio Furniture

Summer is well under way, so it’s time to talk about patio furniture for the year. Mor Furniture For Less shares what styles are popular and what you should look for when shopping for patio furniture. It’s never too late in the year to start picking out patio furniture that you can enjoy while spending time outdoors. 

Details About “Tips For Choosing The Right Patio Furniture”

Jordan: Well, summer is well under way and we know the heat’s gonna be around for at least a few more months in typical San Diego fashion. So it’s time to talk about patio furniture for 2018. And what, if you aren’t already using it, you need to know. So I’m here with Josh Tomlinson at Mor Furniture For Less, where we’re talking all about the styles, durability, and kinda mix and match ability of what we have for patio furniture this year.

Josh: Yeah, we have a lot of really great options if you’re wanting to just have a nice seating area, if you wanna have a place for dining, maybe a fire pit with some casual chairs around it.

Jordan: All three.

Josh: Take all three right? So we have all those options. And you can mix and match, and really cater to your space. A lot of these pieces are modular, so you can scale them up and down and do what you need to do. A couple of really good things that I think are willing to stand out are the durability and the construction of these pieces. The PVC is actually a synthetic material made to look like wicker. So that’s gonna be really durable. You can just basically spray off with a hose.

Jordan: Easy to clean. That’s the magic word for outside.

Josh: Very much so. And the other thing to note is the fabric on the seats is Sunbrella, which is a very well known brand in regards to durability with UV resistant rays and things like that are going to make it very durable over time so you’re going to be able to use it you know, for several seasons.

Jordan: Any tips for helping make it last even longer?

Josh: Well, if you can keep it out of the sun that would be ideal. Covering up your cushions would be storing them when it’s cool, for the most part that would be the best thing. Keeping them clean, that would be pretty easy. It’s all pretty durable stuff. So, again, spraying it with the hose, letting it dry, that type of thing, it’s pretty easy.

Jordan: What do we need to know about dining options?

Josh: Dining really, same type of thing, you have the same type of seating cushions available. Really just configuration as far as what you have space for. There’s really all sorts of options. I think the most notable for the dining is that you have sets that mix the table with the sectional which is kind of cool. So, if you want to have a nice casual place, and still have a spot to eat, you can intertwine both which is very exciting.

Jordan: And of course if you want to remove that table and replace it with a fire pit, one of my favorite features, that’s an option too.

Josh: Yes, we combine a fire pit with a table. So you have places to eat, to set your drinks, and still get a spot for the S’mores, if you want to do S’mores.

Jordan: And of course it’s never too late in the year to start picking out your patio furniture, it will be warm. We want to be outside in San Diego. Josh, there are four locations for people to come shopping, where do they go?

Josh: Come to Miramar, this is our best patio section. But, also San Marcos, you have El Cajon, and then National City.

Jordan: It’s never too late in the year to pick out your patio furniture, you’re going to use it all year long. So, visit Mor today and check out ApprovedHomePros.com to find the location nearest you or any other Pros you might need for your home.