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Time to Upgrade Your Pool

With summer coming to a close, it’s the perfect time of year to make any pool upgrades! Payan Pool Service is here to help with any of those upgrades you need, from lights to pool filters. Tune in to discover how Payan can help and the financial options for you!

Details on ‘Time to Upgrade Your Pool’

[Jordan] while you are enjoying your pool this summer did you notice anything that needed improvement now is the time to upgrade your pool so Javier from Payan pool service is here with some suggestions thanks for coming in today

[Javier] Jordan yeah you’re right it actually is a really good time to do those upgrades you know oftentimes when we get calls when it’s peak season you know it’s hard to get to people it’s hard to give them that type of care that we really want to give them and so during the offseason you know we got plenty of time to help you with that and there’s some really cool things people can do like for example we all know energy rates are going up like crazy if you haven’t already done a variable-speed pool pump these pumps really save you a ton of money on your electricity bill and that’s something that’s you’re using every single day so every day you’re saving money when you when you have those

[Jordan] who doesn’t love that

[Javier] exactly now another thing that’s really cool it’s going on is color changing LED lights you know to kind of set the ambience and the mood in your backyard and again that’s something you can use all year round as well – yeah even if you’re not using the pool you can turn the light on the pool on and create ambience in your backyard hang out and you know do your family gatherings and have the ambience in the backyard and another thing that’s really cool if that’s real popular is putting all your automation on a mobile phone device so you can turn your spawn you can turn your lights on you can do all those cool features

[Jordan] so how does that work on the mobile device

[Javier] it’s as simple as coming out to have it set up well it all do it all sorts with the equipment first you have to have the automation capability to do that and then once you have that then we can connect it with a mobile device and we do that all day long all day long

[Jordan] and of course now is the time for that because you aren’t going to experience if you’re not using your pool as much it’s not peak summer

[Javier] it’s not peak season the homeowner is not gonna see any downtime because it’s not affecting their pool use and of course Payan has the time to dedicate the care it’s also a great time for financing exactly so one of the things we do is we offer zero down no interest for 12 months finances so you know we got the holidays coming up and so that’s a time where people think well maybe I shouldn’t spend money on pool but that’s something you can finance over 12 months

[Jordan] and then of course you can take advantage of 10% off up to $500 when you mentioned approved home pros and that financing offer as well now is the time to upgrade your pool so get started with Payan pool service today at six one nine two zero two 1153 or visit approach home pros comm