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Tighten Up Your Home Security

Tighten Up Your Home Security

Although nearly 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, a new study by Ace Hardware reveals 79 percent of people feel “very safe” in their homes. This statistic breeds a false sense of comfort and suggests there is more homeowners should do to defend their dwellings. It only takes one unlocked window to invite a thief into your home.

Follow these tips to tighten up your home security:

  • Deadbolt locks
    Many would-be burglars won’t hesitate to use the front door, so turn them away with a good deadbolt.


  • Check the grade of your lock
    The american national standards institute uses a grading system to gauge the safety and security of door locks. Grade 3 provide low-level residential security. Grade 2 locksets provide medium safety at a medium price. Grade 1 locksets, though somewhat more costly, provide maximum residential security. Generally, a grade 2 lock is sufficient for most homes.


  • Always lock windows and sliding doors
    Some of the easiest entry points into the home are windows and patio doors. Make sure these are always shut tight and locked, especially if they can be accessed from the first floor.


  • Keep your and property well lit
    It’s hard for thieves to use the cover of darkness when they can’t find any, so keep the areas surrounding your home well-lit, especially around points of entry. Decorative lighting around the perimeter of your home serves a dual purpose, while motion activated lights on the side of the house and near the back door keep the darkness, and the burglars, away.


  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed
    Make sure bushes and tree branches are trimmed to prevent the landscaping from serving as a hiding placed for burglars.


Having a secure home doesn’t require unsightly barred windows or solid-steel entry doors. Choose security options that fit your home’s décor. Interior window locks as well as light fixtures and door handles are home security features that are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs.

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