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The Varied Skills of Mr. Handyman

From small tasks around the house to a large multi-task project, Mr. Handyman is the company for you! They are qualified to complete a variety of tasks from plumbing problems to electrical. Find out how Mr. Handyman can help you.

Details on ‘Varied Skills of Mr. Handyman’

[Jordan] The best part about knowing a great handyman is the range of projects with which they can help you around the house. Dave from Mr. Handyman is here with some great examples. Thanks for being with me today.

[Dave] Thank you for having me.

[Jordan] Let’s talk all about small to large projects that Mr. Handyman can help with.

[Dave] Ok, sure. We do a wide variety of jobs simple can be as simple as changing a garbage disposal in the kitchen, which seems relatively simple but can be complicated for a regular customer. You have to take it out you have to make sure the mount that the garbage disposals is in the correct mount for the new one. You have to take out the drain. We can do faucets and bathrooms. We do a lot of drywall repair, small holes and drywall, so those would be considered simple jobs for us.

[Jordan] Which I love because simple for you is not simple for me and probably most of our folks at home, so I’m glad that Mr. Handyman can knock those projects out with ease. What about on the more complicated end?

[Dave] Well complicated then comes from a lot of our customers that we do more complicated jobs with come from we do a simple job for them and then if they’re happy with the work they’ll ask us if we can do other work for them and a lot of times those become more complicated jobs.

[Jordan] Yeah it builds trust once you’ve got once Mr. Handyman been in the house once they get to build a rapport with the team. I can totally make sense of wanting to bring you guys back for larger scale projects that builds the relationship.

[Dave] Yes, and we had a more complicated job for us just this last week. We did a shower pan where we took out a bath tub an older fiberglass bathtub in a condo, in a smaller condo, and ripped it completely out demo did put took it all the way back to the studs,  bought a new shower pan we did the plumbing. The plumbing it was a little complicated because the  drain was in a piece of cement that we had to cut back so I had to cut cement put new drain in. Put all new piping for the shower, install the shower pan, do the tiling on the walls the grouting, so it became a fairly complicated project. A multi-day project for us.

[Jordan] But what I’m hearing is that Mr. Handyman has the skills across many many trades to help with basically whatever it is that we need around the house. Thank you so much Dave. Call Mr. Handyman for all types of projects that you might need help with around the house at 619-407-9888 or find them on ApprovedHomePros.com