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The Value of Professional Pool Care

If you’ve ever cleaned your pool yourself, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Do you want a clean pool but don’t always have the time? Payan Pool Service provides quality maintenance that you can count on. Discover what makes them stand out.

Details on ‘The Value of Professional Care’

[Jordan] After a long week of work the last thing that you want to have to worry about is your pool. Thankfully with professional pool maintenance from Payan Pool Service you’ll know that your pool is always ready for you. Today I’m here with Javier Payan. Thanks for joining me.

[Javier] Thanks for having me, Jordan.

[Jordan] What is it that we need to know when it comes to price versus value for pool maintenance?

[Javier] So, nobody including myself, likes to pay more for anything that they buy-

[Jordan] Absolutely. never.

[Javier] And in state of California there’s a really big cost to run out of business. You need to having licenses train employees insurances and things of that nature and when we are competing with the company that’s a Chuck in the truck there really is no comparison you know. We just can’t compete with that type of company. Now if you want a quality company then we’re your company.

[Jordan] Absolutely, because those things that you mentioned you know top quality trained employees, licensing insurance, those are all qualities and features that I want when a company is coming to my home.

[Javier] And what a lot of people don’t realize is our service technicians, they undergo a minimum of 40 hours of training each and every year to keep them up to date and abreast the things that are coming up.

[Jordan] That 40 hours is a lot. So, what other values go into that because it’s trained technicians but it’s also reliability and quality of service.

[Javier] Sure and so with our service technicians they’re there like clockwork. That’s exactly that we take pride in that reliability but should something go wrong we also have a repair team with over 140 years of combined experience that can come out and take care of just whatever type of problem you’ve got. And that’s all in-house so those teams are sharing knowledge about your pool and it’s you know that your pools getting the best quality care. Absolutely, in addition to that when we install equipment, we’re also a warranty service center for all the brands of equipment we install so if we install a new piece of equipment and typically their warranties are one two three years and if product fails within that time we come out and the manufacturer pays us to repair the whatever we’re repairing and they pay us for our time.

[Jordan] Wow so your pool is really in great hands when you go with Payan. Quickly brag to me you are also the president of the local chapter here.

[Javier] Yeah, so there’s a national organization called a Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and I’m currently the San Diego County chapter president.

[Jordan] Right, and you’ve been in business over 30 years so much experience going on. Really if you have pool service it is a value that you are going to get with regular pool service from Payan Pools, you will never have to worry about your pool again especially if something goes wrong it can get corrected in house with Payan Pools. Call them today at 619-202-1153 or find them on ApprovedHomesPros.com