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The Three Things You Need to Know About Solar

With the electric bills rising this summer and tax rebates changing, it is more important than ever to go solar. SunPower by Milholland Electric wants to help you better understand solar and why now is the time to make the switch. Find out three key elements about solar now.

Details on ‘3 Things to Know About Solar’

[Sean] There’s a lot of commotion about solar out there, but there really are some key things you need to know. So, Brian Milhollandfrom SunPower by Milholland is here to help us. You come on the show all the time to help us and your great solar expert, Brian, there’s a few things happening right now that I think people need to know- one of them is about electric bills and what’s happening and gonna be happening this summer, right?

[Brian] This summer electric rates are going up they’re increasing dramatically and SDG&E has been moving everybody to time-of-use rates, so not only are you going to pay more per kilowatt but you’re also going to have increased fees based on when you use your power.

[Sean] So people are likely going to be facing the highest utility bill they’ve ever paid in their entire life, right?

[Brian] Yeah, absolutely. San Diego has one of the highest rates in the entire nation and in the summer for peak rates are about 61 cents a kilowatt hour. You go to the rest of the nation and they average about 11.

[Sean] Wow! Yeah that’s incredible. So if you don’t have solar get ready to get that checkbook out and write the highest number you’ve ever put on any check you’ve wrote in your entire life.

[Brian] Yeah, absolutely.

[Sean] What can people do about it?

[Brian] There’s the tax credit still available there’s still a 30% federal tax credit that’s the full tax credit available through the end of this year. Then it starts to sunset over the next two years and a lot of people may not be able to take the full tax credit in year one and they want to roll it over, so it’s important that you get into solar this year, so that you can take that tax credit and if you have to roll it over it’s available for you and that won’t be an option in future years.

[Sean] It’ll be less of a rebate and you won’t have that available rollover because that’s sun setting on that particular package, so if you haven’t gone solar yet now is really the time. It’s not in your best interest and it hasn’t been for a long time but you’re making a special offer people to

really encourage them and make it a no brainer for them to go solar, right now. What’s that offer that you’re paying for?

[Brian] Right, so that’s SunPower by Milholland Electric. We like to be efficient and getting the system turned on because that’s when you start saving but we’re extending an offer right now that if you sign today we’ll pay your electric bills until we get the system turned on.

[Sean] Wow, so from the day you sign the contract you have no more electric bills?

[Brian] Correct, yeah.

[Sean] I know there’s some restrictions with that, is the average bill over 12 months and write some restrictions like that.

[Brian] So you can’t just go willy-nilly in turn lights on 24 hours but it’s that way we prove to the homeowners that we can get their system installed in an efficient and timely manner and I’m willing to put some money behind it.

[Sean] Puts you on the line not the homeowner, that’s marvelous! That’s one of the reasons why we really believe in SunPower by Milholland. Don’t let these rebates and incentives pass by get started with SunPower by Millholand today at 619-329-7373 or find them at ApprovedHomePros.com