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The Right Tools for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning not only takes time, but it also requires the correct tools. Blue Ocean Window Cleaning has a professionally trained staff and the right tools to give you glistening windows.

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[Sean] So what goes in to having really clean and beautiful windows? It’s not as easy as you might think that’s why I’m here with Paul from Blue Ocean Window Cleaning once again and we’re going a little bit deeper today into some of the tools of the trade and the way why they’re so important and also we’re gonna cover some hard-to-reach windows or some specialty windows but first let’s art with the tools of the trade you’ve mentioned before to me an eight-foot hole what does that do

[Paul] yeah well if you have a window that just a little out of reach rather than bringing up maybe a 4-foot stepladder you can have a pole that extends put your squeegee on it and do this very same work that you would if you were right there easily accessible so there’s a variety of poles that are available but typically you’re going to end up with if it’s a high window you’re gonna get a ladder out and there are ladders available that are 20 feet 24 feet even up to 32 feet so so those want their water cut poles by the way right water goes through them into the squeegee well that’s a little different the water fed pole is a pole that has purified water running through it that we can actually clean a window that’s four stories up and this pole extends and water goes through it and you scrub without having to get a ladder up there

[Sean] wow I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two

[Paul] yeah so with the hard-to-reach windows or stained glass or something along those lines that’s where you’d use the pole and it takes special care for those windows correct exactly yeah now those are things were a homeowner if they were trying to do it themselves they might face damage or take a lot of risk also getting up on the ladder is not a smart thing for a lot of people well i it’s not the easiest thing to do to take a 28 foot ladder inside of a house and get it set up when you’ve got furniture and knickknacks around

[Sean] yeah and when you’ve analyzed as I’ve looked at it for the price of having you come in and do a professional cleaning versus a bucket Bob there’s no comparison because there’s so much more value but as opposed to doing it yourself and not maybe getting the right results because know nobody’s gonna go invest in the tools that you have yeah how long does it take for somebody that comes under your training and tutelage to become proficient

[Paul] I would want somebody working with one of my trainers effectively for six months before I really would be comfortable sending them out they need to see every kind of scenario and to become a master you’ve told me before it takes about a year so these are things that the average homeowner wears never

[Sean] that’s why I highly endorse blue ocean window-cleaning you’re gonna get the best possible results save your own aggravation and you’re gonna see clearly when you call blue ocean through approved home pros