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The Importance of Home Inspections

Homeowners often have negative perceptions of home inspections, when really they’re meant to benefit you and your home. Our experts sit down to discuss how a home inspection can benefit you.

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[Sean] it’s time to ask an expert where our experts answer everyday questions to help you better understand your home and the home improvement process today I’m at Gregg Cantor our resident expert in Gregg it’s inspection and we have inspector Dan from the city of San Diego inspectors Department why do you want to talk about this topic today

[Inspector Dan] well I just think there’s a misnomer about the role of an inspector and how important it is not only to the homeowner but also the contractor to both parties

[Sean] yes explain really what your role is what does the inspector do

[Inspector Dan] inspector will come out at certain intervals of a job to verify compliance with the plans the codes and very often we’re looking for fire and life safety issues

[Sean] so you’re really protecting the homeowner?  so is that your motivation that really protecting the homeowner.

[Inspector Dan] yes we’re working for the consumer and it also for the contractor

[Gregg] and I have to add that I mean we have a very close relationship with Dan and the inspectors and you know it’s a it’s a working relationship that’s really important to the success of a project

[Sean] I would view it as something that maybe a builder would be fearful of but you viewed as a resource

[Gregg] absolutely

[Sean] what are the things that they provide that help you in the building process

[Gregg] just code questions because there’s I mean we’re never going to know the code a hundred percent and there’s conditions on the jobsite that vary and I mean I just last week I texted

[Sean] because of the question about safety and so the codes are always evolving and you do it you do bring information to the builders

[Inspector Dan] correct what are some of the reasons those somebody might fail and especially

[Sean] what are the cause of an inspection to not go well

[Inspector Dan] the majority of time is because they don’t adhere to the Musetta plans or there’s some code violation that we catch

[Sean] yeah so not adhering to the plans that sounds unusual to me is that just where somebody is just gets rolling on a job or how does that happen

[Inspector Dan] they just missed things on the plans they don’t look at them they just have done things this way for 20 years and they’re going to continue to do it where they don’t read the plans at all and they don’t exactly so in that case you’re really are watching out for the consumer to make sure they’re getting what they’re paying for and that everything is safe and up to code definitely

[Sean] and how often do the codes evolve

[Inspector Dan] the regular basis of the changing involvement the codes go through a three year cycle 2016 was code that were under now and this year excuse me January one we’re going to adopt the 2019 codes

[Sean] and you’re talking about the California Building Code for your building and we can have you back to talk about some of those codes there’s a lot to talk about here. If you have questions or want to see more from our experts you can tune in to the ask an expert section on Approved Home Pros.com