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The Impact of a Whole Home Remodel

There’s always room to keep growing once you start a remodel project. Mathis Custom Remodeling started this project by remodeling a hall bathroom and it grew from there. Discover the impact that a whole home remodel can have on your life.

Details on ‘Impact of a Whole Home Remodel’

[Jordan] One of the best parts about remodeling is seeing the transformation from start to finish, so today I’m at a job here with Phil Mathis from Mathis Custom Remodeling. All this is Stephanie’s home here out in the area of rural San Diego. It’s a beautiful home and we’re seeing that you came back for multiple jobs to transform different areas of this home one at a time. Tell me about your first project here.

[Phil] All right, well Stephanie contacted us with wanting to do a bathroom remodel in the hall bath and then the bathroom next to her office here and the project just continued on. We wound up doing her whole kitchen remodel, whole new flooring, we opened up this doorway back here to make a pass through to her dining room area and then eventually we came back again and did her master bath.

[Jordan] So many projects I love how it snowballs because it says that Stephanie really truly loved the work that you guys were doing here but let’s talk a bit about what she really wanted to get out of each of these projects. Was it functionality? Opening up that wall sounds like really transforming the way she’s gonna use her home.

[Phil] She needed access to that dining room, it was closed off and she really wanted to be able to stand here at her bar do her dishes and create her meals and look out the window and see that nice scenery out there. A beautiful view here. Yeah, so that was part of it. The windows were all covered with heavy shutters that blocked her view. We took them all off the counter top. Here at the island was really small so we increased the size and the seating so she could talk to her friends while she’s preparing her meals.

[Jordan] So it’s really so many elements that you were able to give her to transform her lifestyle so she can make better use of the home.

[Phil] I think so, and then she chose new flooring along the way and her water heating system had to be upgraded so we went with heat pump. And it’s all on a pump system with so that she has instant hot water in 30 seconds.

[Jordan] Wow, so not only do her bathrooms look beautiful but she’s getting instant hot water. Yeah let’s talk a little bit about that design element as well because at Mathis that’s part of it.

[Phil] Mmm-hmm, well my wife is a certified interior designer and she works with our vendors to create new cabinetry, countertops, backsplash tile, the bathroom in this particular case has a walk-in tub to make it more functional for Stephanie and all of the elements that you see are basically designed by my wife and our vendors and then I helped implement them by putting them in.

[Jordan] Thank you so much Phil. It’s the whole package when you go with Mathis Custom Remodeling so give them a call today you can find them at Approved Home Pros