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Get a Fresh Start with 360 Painting

Many of life’s big moments are marked by transformation of a space in your home. 360 Painting San Diego understands the importance of this fresh start and the impact that a new coat of paint can bring into your life.

Details on ‘Fresh Start with 360 Painting’

[Sean] Today, I’m happy to welcome a new pro to the Approved Home Pros network, 360Painting San Diego, I’m here with Debbie Carreno. Debbie, great to have you on the show today.

[Debbie] Thank you so much for having us. This is a real honor to be part of this network.

[Sean] It’s an honor to have you as a part of the network. Now, you have an unusual background and kind of a fresh start in your career with painting. Tell us about that.

[Debbie] Yeah, I’d be happy to. So I actually always wanted to own my own business, but I ended up doing the traditional thing. I went to college, I’ve attained a degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State. I spent most of my career in hi-tech sales and then I stayed home with my kids for a little while.

[Sean] Hi-tech sales, electronics, that’s common in the painting industry. Most painters have that background.

[Debbie] Absolutely not, but it’s been really good for me because I have a lot of experience in business customer relations and so when I went back into the work force after having my kids, I was looking for a way to kind of bridge the gap of the experience that I had and just have a bigger purpose. I felt like I was getting swallowed up in Corporate America.

[Sean] That’s, I understand that feeling. I’ve had some of the things happen in my life. Now you went into painting because you said you had wanted to give people a fresh start the same way you had, tell us about painting and fresh starts.

[Debbie] Absolutely, it was actually a really easy match for me. Once I found painting, I fell in love with it. I felt like it was a way to kind of get back out in the community, have a bigger purpose in life. It’s really a positive experience. Customers almost always are going through some sort of fresh start, a transformation, new babies, new homes, even just maybe a special event in the backyard. So it’s just kind of ties everything together for me.

[Sean] Painting is one of those upgrades that you can do relatively inexpensively that makes a massive difference to the feel and look of the home.

[Debbie] Absolutely and I think people don’t realize how quickly and easily it can transform your entire house.

[Sean] And you will come out and help people consult on colors?

[Debbie] Absolutely.

[Sean] And all those other things to give them that fresh start?

[Debbie] Absolutely, we actually have a partnership with Sherwin Williams and if you go with us, we can provide you color consulting services for free.

[Sean] That’s marvelous and now, if somebody wants to have you come out and do a consultation, is it you that they might be talking to?

[Debbie] Yes, it is. I try to go to as many of my customers as I can and especially my ApprovedHomePros customers. I really want to get out there and meet you and share what this network is all about.

[Sean] That’s marvelous, that kind of level of service and the dedication you have to doing things the right way in an industry, a trade that sometimes does not have the best track record of customer service. That is very important. Thank you so much. –

[Debbie] Thank you.

[Sean] If you’re ready for fresh start, get started with 360Painting San Diego. Find them and other top pros on ApprovedHomePros.com.