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The Fix to Common Plumbing Problems

Leaky faucet? Problem with your water temperature or water pressure? You’re not alone and We Care can help! Find out why these common plumbing problems happen, what the fix is and how to prevent them from happening again.

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[Sean] No one wants to deal with a plumbing emergency. So Bob Briley, from We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air, is here to share some common problems he sees and how he can help you avoid them. Great to have you with us today!

[Bob] Thanks for having me.

[Sean] So what are the most common reasons somebody calls you for help?

[Bob] Lack of hot water, leaky faucets, and low water pressure.

[Sean] I’ve experienced all three of those. And we’ve talked about the first one many times in the past, which is hot water. I think I know the answer, but tell me if I’m right. The best solution is a tankless water heater if you can do it.

[Bob] Yes, if you can do a tankless, it’s great, because it’s constant hot water. You don’t have to worry

about water filling up with the tank running out and the cost of just sitting there.

[Sean] And it’s also less expensive energy-wise.

[Bob] Yes, most definitely.

[Sean] So, number two, leaky faucets.

[Bob] Leaky faucets are horrible. You’re going to get leaky faucets ’cause our water is so hard. It wears out the little rubber grommets in all your faucet applications and stuff. As they’re going in and out, it’s just winding ’em down, wearing ’em down. And the next thing you know, you have a constant drip. Middle of the night, you’re listening to your faucets going, drip, drip, drip, it just drives you crazy.

[Sean] So the hard water, it’s basically little pieces of rock that are in there? And does it just act like sand paper?

[Bob] Yeah, it’s just calcium, it builds up and builds up. And it’s just like sandpaper, it wears everything down.

[Sean] And number three…

[Bob] Number three, water pressure, and it kind of goes back with the calcium also. Our water is so hard, it starts to fill up our, all of our little faucets have screens in them, and it actually starts filling up those screens. Or it starts contracting all of our pipes. It makes our pipes’ diameter smaller, and the next thing you know, you have low water pressure. So we have to get in there and either clean out the pipes, or change the screens, or just to something to make that water pressure back.

[Sean] Just basically clean the system out.

[Bob] Right and filtration is the best thing for it.

[Sean] I was going to ask, how to prevent that.

[Bob] Filtration, there’s filtration systems out there that takes those hard water deposits, changes it over into soft and it actually works better for your system.

[Sean] So that can prevent a lot of the problems that we’re talking about. Does that also make your water heater life longer?

[Bob] Oh, most definitely, because calcium builds up on all of the inside parts of the water heater and the next thing you know, it just starts corroding and corroding and you have leaky water.

[Sean] Now, I know we carry your 24-hour-a-day emergency plumbing service, so you can help somebody any time of day. Now, you’ll personally come out, right? No matter what time of day it is?

[Bob] That’s right.

[Sean] Everybody’s great at We Care. If you do have a plumbing issue, call We Care today. You’ll save 10%, up to $500 when you mention Approved Home Pros. You can also find them and all top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.