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The Difficulty Finding a Quality Window Cleaner

Window cleaning is an easy business to get into, which means there are many unqualified employees and unlicensed businesses out there. Approved Home Pros looked hard to find the perfect window cleaning company and we found that in Blue Ocean Window Cleaning. Learn how they are qualified and the quality window cleaning service they provide.

Details on ‘Finding a Quality Window Cleaner’

[Sean] At Approved Home Pros, we looked far and wide to find a quality window cleaning company that could live up to our high standards. Thankfully, we found Blue Ocean Window Cleaning and today I have Paul Pate with us today. Paul, we spent years trying to find a company in your category and had a hard time. Why did we have such a hard time? Why don’t you tell the audience about that.

[Paul] I think the primary thing is it’s so easy to get into the window cleaning business. For 50 bucks you can go to a big box store, buy a squeegee, washer and then start knocking on doors and say, ‘I do window cleaning’ but those companies are suspect, I guess you could say, to become a professional company you have to have the insurance that is a wise thing to have, to have the proper equipment, proper training, security checks on employees they’re going to be going into the homeowner’s bedrooms and things along this line. It’s a whole other level of responsibility.

[Sean] Absolutely, we saw a lot of those companies that were just one-man bucket bobs, this kind of a term that we referred to them and that’s a big difference from the professional true company

[Paul] yeah and it is because the costs eventually is so low now if you’re gonna do Windows there’s two choices really there’s a hiring a company or doing it yourself what doing it yourself what are some of the issues that somebody might face in that well a person can do it themselves they can go to the big-box store as well

[Sean] but I my experience is that people when they get done doing the work they’re unhappy with it they spent a lot of time

[Paul] I get a lot of homeowners wives in particular they say I don’t want my husband on the roof I don’t want my husband out there in the alley with that ladder with those electrical wires overhead things along this line safety issues it’s exactly safety issues so the quality of the work that’s typically done by the homeowner the safety issues they frequently want to hand that off to us

[Sean] the last thing I want to cover is some people view window cleaning as a luxury versus a necessity and I think it’s a necessity quickly tell us why well from a maintenance standpoint

[Paul] salts and water on window frames and glass believe it or not will so it’s in some respects it’s something that needs to be addressed it’s from the aesthetic standpoint if you’ve liked clean windows and like the feeling of a home with clean windows in some respects it is a luxury item

[Sean] well you know I think it’s a necessity it’s only a luxury I think if you’re if you don’t if you’re the kind of person I can live with a dirty car in a dirty home I think I think it’s a necessity that’s why I’m getting my windows cleaned by blue ocean and I recommend you do the same thing you can flying blue ocean along with our other great pros at approved home pros com