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The Difference Mortar Can Make in Your Home

Stone is often being used as a textured element inside the home now, and the color of the stone and grout can make a huge different to the look of your home. Thompson Building Materials has countless options to help you find your perfect match.

Details on ‘The Difference Mortar Can Make’

[Jordan] When you are choosing building materials for your home whether it’s inside or outside the color of the stone is really only part of the battle that you’re choosing so I’m here with Derek Pritchett general manager at Thompson Building Materials where we’re talking about how the mortar and the grout actually radically affects the color of the stone are the material you’ve chosen so how does that work the stone or the brick

[Derek] it’ll change the appearance of the overall appearance of either product so it’s 11 to 15 percent of what you see in an installation is the mortar color so it dramatically changes the overall appearance you can have a more tillis joint where there’s no mortar at all obviously so that’s one on the lower side that’s on the other side less then yeah and then an over grout always been over grout which are big fat joints much joints and even a German schmear which we’ve done here with the installation where it’s a color of three stones and then before grounded and after grout and it just kind of mutes it all together and blends all the colors together and it really dramatically changes what we’re seeing when what the stone that you started with

[Jordan] so that’s the stone that you picked out right and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you knew you wanted to do this type of over schmear and have a darker stone to start with so that your end product would be where you want it to be

[Derek] Exactly, those darker stones then the highlights will come through some of that German and you can play with the amount of mortar color you want smeared across the stone as well lighter darker product

[Jordan] what do you recommend when homeowners are actually out there shopping for stone or brick at what point do they consider what type of mortar and grout they want to have

[Derek] well one thing that that people want to often do is try to match the color of the grout or mortar with the product and that’s not a good idea because getting all washed out so you want to have it it’s complement it but accentuate and highlight the stone or the brick but if you have a brown brick and use a brown grout it’s all gonna look Brown and it’s not gonna work because what you when you were saying that you know 15 percent give or take of what you’re gonna see is the mortar it’s nice to have a visual kind of differentiation in what you’re looking at and actually see each individual stones see each brick exactly you want to be defined exactly so we start by picking our stone right our shape and our size and the kind of the profile on the stone but how do we decide what other and the color of course but maybe slightly different than the color you want to end up with right

[Jordan] how do you go about deciding what’s gonna be the perfect end product if you even on an installation you’re almost you’re hard to match well that’s to each their own you know there’s no right or wrong yeah no right or wrong I love that that’s why of course designers and guidance from Thomson below help you out you want to go check them out today they are just five miles outside of downtown with plenty of visual installations for you to check out